1155 King /Geyer variant

By: frugalhorn

Mar 04 2011

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
front view Custom built variant on the Geyer/King 5 valve Bb horn. Built using Yamaha parts. This is a rework of the King /Geyer five valve I’ve built several of… I have reversed the wrap and put the F extension under control of the thumb change valve. The pinky has been changed to the stop/A valve. This is an attempt to make the wrap friendly to double horn players used to using the thumb valve. The pinky valve then becomes the stop/A valve. Horn as pictured doesn’t have any flippers. Either the Schmid crook or a Alex style flipper could be applied. This horn is a screw bell horn for portability. This horn was built up around a used Yamaha horn parts. The donor valves and levers came from similar vintage Yamaha horns. The horn has matched measurements to an original model King 1155. Some of the bends are made up with bends fabricated from existing bends, and pieced together. Please note that this is NOT a Horn for a beginner or HS student. Five valve Bb horns are currently built in Europe and by custom builders using a double thumb lever set up. Five valve Bb’s are enjoyable to play, but there is a learning curve. You have to unglue your old automatic fingerings and be willing to learn. This horn plays well.



5 comments on “1155 King /Geyer variant”

  1. Did you in fact sell it? Looks like the text from the hornplayer.net ad. I think we write about three times as much as any other advertiser – I mean write intelligent stuff.


    • Nope, still have it, have adjusted some lengths, the third valve slide to lengthen, saves pulling it out more than it should be. Greetings from your neighbor (water) state.


  2. Bruce,
    Good luck with this venture. It could provide an avenue for interesting discussion of horn topics, especially and your experiences in improving / altering and repairing our instrument.

    Miss you at MC3 rehearsals. We have a concert this monday at 7:30. Stop by.

    RE: The King/Geyer/Yamaha 5 valve horn. This question may seem odd but here goes—- Can the thumb valve be revesed to allow the horn to stand in F (usiing the harmonic series notes only of course)?
    Reasoning: You have advocated that it is well and good to challenge/stimulate our (aging) brains to accommodate playing exclusively (almost) on a single B flat Horn. I believe haveing the “home-base” F pitches available with the ingrained fingerings ( thumb up) would help ease the process by giving time to adapt , develop alternate fingering patterns so as to make the transition less hectic.

    Recall you plaing a similar horn a year or so ago but don’t think I asked to try it then. Is there opportunity for a test drive?


  3. Reblogged this on tubbshornstudio and commented:

    a horn worth re-visiting….Sold but could be built again….


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