Horn #44 iPhoto color altered F A Reynolds linkage

By: frugalhorn

Jul 22 2011

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


Now that we’re on a Reynolds kick, here’s a pix of an early F A Reynolds, (pre Pottag  18,500 range) change valve linkage. When Reynolds left King and started his own company he brought some ideas with him. This horn has the same lovely rounded spatulas that the earlier king horns had. The wrap of this Kruspe style horn is very similar to the later Pottag marked horns. No pull ring on the Bb tuning slide, a taper through the first branch that is large enough so that you can place the beginning of the Chambers bell tail inside it! When I checked the taper of the leadpipe it is the same as a 60,000 range Pottag pipe. The change valve is larger than valves 1, 2, 3.  at .865 where as the later horns had a smaller diameter change valve. The change valve is also of hollow construction ala Miraphone. (German made?)  It has oil ports in both the top and bottom of the valve, which may have had something to do with the construction process or to allow oil to flow to the bottom bearing by oiling the top….I’m sure there are folks out there who know about these things and may share info with us. In fact, of the marked Pottag models I’ve seen, I’ve never seen this linkage or the hollow change valve design. It may have been one of the changes made to the horn at the time Pottag got involved. ( How much design/taper input Pottag had is unknown to me) I think his time at the CSO was up when he got involved with Reynolds and that in his tenure at Chicago he played Conn horns. (Chime in if you have good info, we’ll all appreciate it.) OBTW the flare of this horn was badly crushed and may or may not be salvageable. The horn has been re-lacquered once and how much metal was buffed away we’ll never know. The engraving is still visible.

I’ll if I can locate a pix of a Schmidt/ Pelletier style wrap I owned once that was F A Reynolds built and was a near clone of the King horn except it had two water keys. I may have lost the pix in a computer crash a few years ago….


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