Horn #47 Tricked out iPhoto color

By: frugalhorn

Aug 14 2011

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Soon to be listed on eBay! Serial #129768 King Pelletier Model. Work attributed to a NE Ohio horn craftsman. New bell/ Leadpipe.  I took this horn in on trade and because of my left  index finger, having no middle joint, find the ergonomics of the Schmidt wrap horns challenging. This is too bad because they are fine playing and sought after horns. This horn is an oldie, c. 1932, raw brass.


3 comments on “Horn #47 Tricked out iPhoto color”

  1. Hi Bruce,
    I tried a bunch of these instruments at the SF workshop and liked them quite a bit. I first heard about them from Jim Patterson. Apparently a certain Mr Derosa likes Schmidt models too. A couple of weeks ago I obtained one ser #240xxx which would place it just before WW2. Mine has a sterling silver leadpipe guard and hand guard. Does yours? It has a badly smashed bell but suprisingly the valves and leadpipe are in decent shape. I’m in the process of rebuilding it and hope that it’ll be a good player.


    • Hey Mark,
      Mine has a modern NiSi hand guard and no lead pipe guard. The leadpipe is a replacement, as is the bell, which I think is a generic brass bell, possibly even from the Conn Eastlake factory. The person who, I was told, did the work, has access to the Eastlake factory and parts from it. To my knowledge King doesn’t even build horns any more, they seem to build marching French horns. Both the Conn and king brass instruments are made in the Factory in Eastlake, OH, where the workers are currently on strike.
      The bell on mine is heavier that the original would have been. How badly smashed is your bell? Is it salvageable? Could it be screwbelled with a different flare? Sounds like you have a good project going…


  2. It’s pretty badly mangled. There are many cracks in the throat area. But it is salvagable. Playing hookie from work, I did some work on it today at a friends shop. It will need a ringset because that area is so delicate. I’m trying to preserve the bell for two reasons. One, I want to learn to work on brass instruments. And two, I’ve noticed that the franken horn that I recently put together isn’t the most marketable of products. So I’m trying to keep this instrument as original as much as possible. Even though I think it would play just as well or even better with a substitute part.

    How does yours play?


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