Horn #52 revealed! Not iPhoto altered

By: frugalhorn

Sep 14 2011

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The  mystery Horn Revealed!

Th squirrels name is Sciurus niger or Bob.

Hints, Answers are to the best of my knowledge, (that should cover any mistakes, because my knowledge is limited)

1. American built by Major manufacturer (What manufacture?)–Holton

2, 3.  a copy of a well-known horn instructor’s (Louis Stout)  personal horn who taught at (University of Michigan)    Excellent feed back was received of other  horns measured because of Farkas’ concerns  about the early production horns.

3. 4.  original (Carl Geyer)  and copy made in the midwest, (Chicago)

5. yellow brass (H190, Lacquered)

6. out of production (1981 -2006) thanks to Wes Hatch

7. 8. original Owner taught at Indiana (where?) , but was resident in Fla. when horn was purchased. (Who?) Well, this was a poorly worded question, I wonder who poorly worded it, hmm.

The owner Was Robert W. Elworthy, At one time principal at Minnesota Orchestra, taught at Univ of Indiana, Principal (?) New Orleans Symphony, and taught at a University in Miami Fla. I’m sure there is much I haven’t mentioned. See the HORN CALL Robert W. Elworthy. Author, Chenoweth, Richard. Pages, 119-123. Issue, 1989 Apr. ( I have not read it.)

9. 10. Horn was sold by an American Horn Icon, (Philip Farkas, DBA Farkas Enterprises, Inc)  with original bill of sale. ($2,000, 11/12/1983) Elworthy also purchased a H200, on 4/10/85.

As a point of interest: $ today would be 4,491.37 .

11. 12. comes in it factory case which has two unique features Excellent answer given in response, I looked for the bra but didn’t find it…

It does have the mute storage, a cool little post inside the bell storage to keep the bell from being crushed if the case were to take a serious blow on the large flat top and a nifty zippered outer covering with great zippers, very heavy duty.

So if all respondents will send me a waterproof address, you know Jr. High students do not de-H2O their horns very often so the clams are wet….The squirrel will ship you some clams. Do you know how hard it is to peel off and stick on stamps without an opposing thumb. Additionally, the squirrel has no sense of time and does not follow directions very well so it may be awhile before the clams arrive….

Highest number of correct answers ( there are a bunch, each hint has an answer) , as judged by the squirrel, will receive a peck of ‘clams’ which will be captured during a Jr. High horn ensemble’s rehearsal. (There should be plenty and they are just little  clams.)


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