Updated- Horns for Sale- 11-01-2012

By: frugalhorn

Sep 12 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Current horns for sale and in the fire…

Pix available contact me.  <frugalhorn@gmail.com>


italicized font indicated new addition      

Payment with Visa, MC, Discover via square.  Personal Check, MO, cash, Volkswagen Westfalia Camper, etc.

#1. Holton 190 geyer wrap Robert Elworthy’s final double horn sold to him by Phil Farkas  Factory screwbell and flat case. $2600. SOLD

#2.  Conn 8d N series, #15415, Yamaha 668 compatible ringset. Conn belltail no engraving, Tubbs Michigan Badge, Bearings adjusted, raw, no lacquer in a flat screwbell case. $1800.00     SOLD

#3. Yamaha 567 in very good shape, light scratching of finish $1400.00 SOLD

I have an Yamaha 567/667 ringset,  so could be screwbelled for an additional $275.00 (labor)  + cost of ringset. ($99.00)

#5 Mirafone, kruspe wrap raw yellow brass w/ nickel trim, Dürk  (Alex compatible) ring set $1800 SOLD nice horn

shown apart, see blog entries ” so you bought yourself a horn”

#6. Tubbs 5 V Bb yamaha corpus w/ modifications to 5V. F ext driven by thumb. Detachable flare 668 compatible ringset,  Pinky fifth valve is A/ stop valve. $1400

#7. CUSTOM Holton 280 Yellow brass first branch, bell tail,  with complete NiSi corpus, Holton bell tail replaced with a custom (approx King eroica in size)  spun brass bell w/ bell rim wire, Holton H105 Tuckwell ring set. $1850. SOLD

Super large bore/tail horn

#8. Rare and desirable detachable flare Mirafone Gold Brass Kruspe wrap Dürk  (Alex compatible) ring set, adj. Alex Pinky hook.   Very nice horn

$2000. SOLD

#9. King 2269 (Fidelio), Brass equal to the Eroica, with a medium large bell section, Free blowing, 95% lacquer. $850.00  SOLD

#10. Pacific rim Conn 11D knock Off w/medium bore European bell tail. Possible screw bell candidate: Cost of ring set + $275.00 labour  $850.00 w/o detach they have Tapered valves = to Conn in wrap but metric branches. (Conn slides go in but their slides are too big for Conn slides.) Several teaching pros have young students playing on these; “Not a bad horn.” Good horn for a kid through HS, (or duffer) that wants shiny and is tight on money.   SOLD

11. Reynolds post Chambers model (FEO3) Brass, excellent compression, blotchy lacquer.  Pin hole in bell. (can be repaired w/ silver solder) $800.00 It could be screwbelled for an additional $275.00 (labor)  + cost of a Jupiter ringset. ($75.00)   Plays really well.  SOLD

12. Gottwalt Lederer (Migma co-op) Compensator w/ stop valve. Double thumb lever detachable flare. Very cool old horn. $1450.00

13. Bach 1102 (yamaha 567) geyer wrap horn Plays Very well. Some lacquer loss. I have a factory Yamaha 567/667 ringset, It could be screwbelled for an additional $275.00 (labor)  + cost of ringset. ($99.00) $1400. w/o ringset.

14. F A Reynolds (1949) Pottag w/ Krantz. 23XXX range, w/o linkage change valve, Just in, nedds a little work but original flare and good Valves! 50% lacquer. Very rare. $1675.00

Apart and ON THE BENCH

Yamaha 321 five valve Bb, ala sansone with globe F ext driven by pinky. Can be screwbelled.

Walter Kroner geyer wrap w/Bb tuning slide (Hoyer factory East German) as above w/o detach bell,

 (Possibly in the fire, and needing service/work) 

Olds NiSi geyer wrap, not serviced nor examined

Conn early 50’s series Elkhart 28D.

Mönnig Kruspe wrap

Fritz Knopf (geyer wrap) (2)

5V tubbs w/ double thumb valve linkage

Right hand conversion of Olds Ambassador F, or three valve Bb.

Mirafone Brass Kruspe w or wo/krantz

And other stuff including F ext built for your four valve Bb, screwbell cases , new and used. ….ASK…



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