F Extension for Yamaha 321 Bb horn

By: frugalhorn

Sep 22 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I’ve built a few of this style extension. So I took a few pix during the last built. It is not a complete step by step as the camera was occupied in Ann’s potting studio during the process.  As you can see from this intro pix the YHR 321 comes with an H extension that can or cannot be in the stop valve sleeves. The extension I’m discussing is built to be inserted into the H spacer. this is the in air sleeve, ie; where the air enters to go through the extension when using the F extension. The knuckle crook can either be a new knuckle or a recycled one. Not all knuckles are even in their turn and Ideally you want them to match. Note on the left of these two the little solder ridges which were deposited on the sleeve on the wire that I use to hold the spacer in place when soldering. The spacer is one of the Yahama styles. Later: almost final wire-up prior to soldering. the right side of the crook is the bottom of the tuning crook so the sleeve is much shorter and the turn is more rapid. Another Yamaha spacer to stabilize the two legs of the crook.

An F extension needs to add about a meter to the length of the Bb horn. I’ve seen ones from 94cm to 105cm. (go figure) This extension has a good amount of tuning adjustment, both with in the crook and at the H spacer.

Many folks think that the F extension will allow you to use the Bb horn as a double horn. Wrong! If you use the F extension on any other keyed notes it will be out of tune because the turn of valve you’ve depressed is too short for an F horn. The F extension is primarily giving you access to the few missing notes n the low register of the Bb horn above the pedal notes.  There is also one missing note, (low pedal F#) which the Five valve horn gives you access to…When was the last time you played a pedal F#???

Almost complete. Need to be soldered and one remaining brace places in-between the long tuning sleeves, which is the same length as the brace on the tuning slide.

The final pix of the completed slides; I’m sorry for the quality, taken in artificial light, out of focus, but shows the amount of tuning available.Once someone asked how many parts and soldering procedures are involved in the building of a horn… I’m sure that some horn “mounter” /final solderer using jigs, etc,  could answer that, but this little puppy has 22 parts and 24 solder points.

I’ve built F extensions in other ‘wraps’ but they all have more parts, one even used the A crook as a part of the ‘wrap’ so that you wouldn’t misplace it….

Your comments and corrections of my discussion are welcome.


One comment on “F Extension for Yamaha 321 Bb horn”

  1. Hi! My name is Francisco and Im from Spain. I’m looking to buy a yamaha 321 and want to answer to you if you can build one of these f extension for me. How much it will cost? Is posible to ship it to Spain. There is my e-mail. Please write me. fjsn_horn@hotmail.com


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