pot metal yamaha spatula bar.

By: frugalhorn

Oct 05 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Back in July f 2011 i wrote a couple of entries about extending the spatula bar for a five valve Bb horn. I mentioned that not all Yamaha spatula bars are created equal. Many are of a plated high quality metal that can be brazed with high temp silver solder, but the other half of many are of a cast pot metal. Above is a pix of one of the cast pot metal spatula bar. Another view. the bar on the left is made from the milled metal, that can be brazed, the one on the right is the pot metal. Note that the rod holder does not melt whereas its base quickly went to pieces.  If you look closely you’ll not that the top of the rod holder on the left is crisper in its machining. The right hand rod support is more rounded. so after the first failure I checked the next bar with the torch to see if it would also melt at a low temperature ( I hadn’t noticed the difference in the shape of the rod support yet) Additionally I’ve since determined that they have a different density and that the milled bar weighs about 6 grams more than the cast pot metal bar. So I found another high grade spatula bar on another Yamaha ‘parts horn’ and the project can proceed.As an aside the #3 crook can either stand on top of the #2 valve sleeves or behind the globe….I probably will do one more blog on this horn, its design is a knock-off of the Sansone 5 valve Bb, but made with Yamaha components.


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