The beachball and the bell….

By: frugalhorn

Oct 25 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


It all started out innocently enough. The package from Singapore was expected. A “parcel” reminder was in my post box. Oh Boy, it’s here….So the fact that it looked like a beach ball and  has ‘other than original tape and was the surrounding paper was slightly torn should have been a clue. No the shape was the clue. I’ve received a few horns wrapped in bubble wrap, Generally they are from wholesalers who, in an attempt to save time and money, have opted for that route. But they are only a few hundred miles away and they use four to six wraps of bubble wrap. But this beach ball came from around the world away. I wish it had a built-in camera to see how it was handled as it came across the pacific and then 1/2  way across America. I’m sure more than once it was tossed from one place to another, sometimes it may not have been a clean pass….My thought, upon viewing pix prior to purchasing is that the case, which was barely visible, was a MB#1 case, a plus…. wrong, it turned out to be a Pacific rim knockoff of a MB#1 case. (I’ve used these cases and for everyday use they are fine), but in three layers of bubble wrap from a long way away, not so good.

Out come the scissors,  the incision through the layers of bubble wrap is made. The case is unzipped and…I was greeted with this. Hmm, looks like a little damage….take it out and…yep, a little damage. No tears though, High grade rose brass the krantz was OK It will never be new but maybe it will be playable. Looks like an over ambitious unscrewing job after a bad cross threading…. no worse…So we give it a go. Using a single long ball bearing roller held in a vise, the high creases were gently rolled out. I use a grease coating on the roller to give a micro layer of cushion. When mostly rolled out I use a hand-held roller ( also coated in grease) to attempt to complete the smoothing.from above, mit grease….Inside again, It always looks better w/ grease than when cleaned up, then you see the ironed folds from the word done.So, to the sink, clean it up, screw it on and….it’s playable but butt ugly. more later. As long as the weather holds I have other work to do around our old farm house and in my ‘horn cave’…. A new flare from Willison is 799 Swiss Francs (about $850.00) Should I do it????




One comment on “The beachball and the bell….”

  1. Oh jeez. I’ve received damaged bells. Not from you of course. But nothing like this. What’s the horn that it’s mated to? I’ve got a pac rim MB knock-off case (Atkinson) that I’ve used quite a bit. It’s heavy and solid. I’d trust it to go as check-in luggage on a plane flight. But that’s what screw bell horns are for, yeah?


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