Update per request about the sword burnisher

By: frugalhorn

Jan 10 2013

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A fellow horn person asked about the chain mail sword burnisher, a few pix ( terribly out of focus, I apologize) With a tool for size reference. The burnishing pad is marked, “Made in France”.

Seen from behind; sturdy leather anchored all around, I don’t know the  real reason for the larger rings at two corners, except to hang it up.


chainmail-2Welded chain, many are broken from use.

chainmail-1I like the flexibility of the leather backed chain mail, which make it easier to burnish irregular shapes. This apparatus is not used on lacquered horns, only on ‘raw’ metals. It takes quite a while  but does burnish the metal it is used on. Actually it is burnished at hundreds of very fine points which leaves the appearance of a solid burnish. Generally I will further polish using a very fine abrasive. ( Rotten-stone carried in oil on a cotton tape)


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