Two Yamaha 321’s mit F extension reversed. Color altered pix.

By: frugalhorn

Jun 26 2013

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Up and running. In the last couple of years, some folks of or near my age have requested to have a horn reversed to be played right-handed. Our aging shoulders make holding our beloved traditional horns very painful and some of have developed a mild palsy which makes playing difficult. One is using an adjustable pinky hook and the other is set up with a flipper. Anne's hornwith pinky hook…right hand-6mit flipper…

The F extension incorporates the Stop valve tuning slide. The additional #2 crook allows for additional tuning possibilities.

By removing the F extension the horn can be played as a standard 321. Shown w/o H spacer

right ahnd w:o F-1

I used the different #1 crook because I found the factory straight crook awkward to dump with my left hand. I assume that, with time this would feel more natural, but for now, comfort over the factory 31 crook….

right hand w:o Fext-2Shown with H crook.

Playing a horn right-handed has its challenges and drawbacks:

Your embouchure and body architecture seems askew and  you’re at odds with section mates. It is a testimony to our instrument that folks will go to reversals to allow them to continue playing.right hand-9As with many of the horns I’ve fooled around with it has earned a small copper Michigan badge.

Any comments welcome. I’ll post them no matter how scathing….euuuuwwww…


One comment on “Two Yamaha 321’s mit F extension reversed. Color altered pix.”

  1. Reblogged this on tubbshornstudio and commented:

    Currently making a couple of these overly busy F extensions, For regular YHR321’s.


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