When is enough, enough?

By: frugalhorn

Jul 25 2013

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


Recently a Holton double showed up at the horn studio.  Complaint..” doesn’t play  as well as it did before it fell ff the chair”… Hmm,  a quick look around and this joint was sighted, the culprit.. As you can see, it is amazing that the horn functioned as well as it did since the mid eighties, and that this joint didn’t fail a long time ago.  (the horn was well cared for) Holton -1Looks like about 2mm of solder purchase. The fall from the chair jarred it loose.Holton -4As you can see, 1/2 of the ferrule had a more correct amount of solder.Holton -6From the other side. After the ferrule was scraped out and the tubing cleaned it was re-soldered, with good matching of the tubes and “Voila” it plays well again! Additionally, the other dent work was minimal.


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