somewhat of a purse out of somewhat of a sows ear

By: frugalhorn

Aug 30 2013

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This blog topic will be covered in a couple of entries.

Holton’s 3 series horns can be up graded.   Because they are heavily marketed as being ‘student’ horns they are therefore liable to the misuse that a Middle school student can dole out, and because of such misuse often appear on the market in somewhat less than pristine condition, The bell flare is prone to cracking at the rim because Holton doesn’t feel a rim wire is needed , so if they are folded the rim will crack when the tech straightens it out. This project will upgrade a H378 to a somewhat higher level horn. I’ve done several of this style upgrades to student level horns in an attempt to give a young player a horn that has some nice features and therefore will be more carefully handled, and they will not break the bank.X78dumpslide-1After removing the bell tail, which, will be screw belled, using an inexpensive Jupiter ringset, and a newer wire in bell flare, (replacing the factory bell which has several solder repairs to the rim)  the next upgrade is to give the horn a moveable F tuning/dump slide coming out of the change valve. I would like to know how much money Holton saves by cutting the corners in the 3 series and or the criteria for short-changing the horn as they do…. less things to break, get lost, etc.X78dumpslide-2So this puppy has to go, The dent will be removes during the course of the project.X78dumpslide-3The arch will be re-purposed into the new moveable slide.X78dumpslide-4Both sides need to be heated in order to remove the arch.X78dumpslide-5Out it comes.X78dumpslide-6Before removing the top tube this brace must be removed and saved, it will re-used.X78dumpslide-7X78dumpslide-8Once the brace is removed we’re ready to remove the top tube.

to be continued…


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