Horns for sale as of 11/29/13

By: frugalhorn

Nov 29 2013

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here’s an opening listing of horns currently available from tubbshornstudio.wordpress.com. Over the next few days others will be added. Keep in mind that most, unless specified, are stripped and will oxidize, unless the owner holds down the formation of oxide, by wiping down the horn after use, and/or polishes the horn occasionally. Additionally. keep in mind that all horns shown are used horns and not factory new, nor will they have that drum & bugle corps look of perfect polish . They all play well and will do what a horn is designed to do. All are serviced and the valves and working parts slides, etc. are ‘up and running’. Each horn will be discussed individually. I’m willing to listen to reasonable offers. If horns are valued over $1800.00 those horns are available, in the US, on a weeks approval. Terms are 50% down (to be cashed and held in escrow)+ shipping and insurance.  The residue payment, or a notification of return is due within 7 days of the horns arrival at your place. If returned, the cost is your responsibility including insurance. This must be done in a timely manner. Horns will be shipped in a factory or if unavailable, a  useable fixed bell case. Horns below that $1800.00 threshold are sold without an approval time. If such a horn is unsatisfactory or does not fulfill your needs, contact me and we’ll work something out.

#1.28d-10 28d-9 28d-7 28d-6 28d-4 28d-3 28d-2

Conn 28d, Elkhart, N series, serial #N401XX. Detachable flare (Original bell) Conn 8d ringset (Alex compatible).  Dürk Adjustable pinky hook, Amado water key, in Yellow brass with no lacquer. Valves have very good compression, It plays the full range of the horn well notched and in tune. The horn has had light dent raising in its earlier life. This Elkhart 28d is a wonderful horn. The 28d’s have a serious following, and here is your chance to own one, ready to go.  Additional pix available. Will be shipped in a Conn fixed bell case. If going to two meter postal countries will be shipped w/o case or in a prearranged screwbell case.  Email or call. $2675.00    ON trial  SOLD

#2FIDELIO-2-10 FIDELIO-9 Fidelio-2-6 Fidelio-2-5 Fidelio-2-4 Fidelio-2-3 Fidelio-2-1King, McCracken designed, Fidelio Model 2269 Double horn. Detachable flare. #1224XX. Toting a new King leadpipe, and with very good valve compression, being mostly stripped of the very robust King Gold lacquer (Which most removers will not touch) it will serve its new owner well. The inside of the bell has the original (scratched and worn)  factory lacquer to prevent the player from excessive ‘green hand’ when playing in high humidity sessions.  There is some residue of lacquer is around hard to reach areas of the valve cluster, but all branches and tuning slides are raw brass.  The horn has, although not shown in pix, a Holton Adjustable Pinky hook. The Jupiter ringset is accompanied by a Michigan Badge fashioned from Copper. The nylon change valve rod has been replaced by a metal upgrade. The valve stop plates are factory black nylon or plastic. New strings and neoprene bumpers. Ready to play, near new comes in a Gator case. $1325.00


Bachblend-10 Bachblend-9 Bachblend-6 Bachblend-4 Bachblend-3Bachblend-11 Bachblend-5

Customized Geyer wrap double French horn, which features a Pacific rim built copy of the Conn 10d/11d Geyer style wrap. It has hand lapped tapered valves, string driven mechanical jointed levers, adjustable thumb lever, a Yamaha leadpipe. and a detachable flare on a  complete bell tail which was made by Vincent Bach. The horn also has an adjustable Conn Flipper to support the player’s hand. The corpus is imported into America under many different names. This one, before customizing, was sold as a  Woodwind-Brasswind model. I replaced the Factory bell-tail with the Vincent Bach bell-tail which is a medium throat bell-tail. Its sound is full and melodic. This bell-tail was made in Elkhart, IN and is a high quality bell. The horn is tall, as were many of the early horns made by Carl Geyer for players who want to play ‘on the knee’, and not have to hold the horn ‘up’ all the time “off the knee”. Because of the horn’s size it will not fit into many factory fixed bell cases, because of this, it comes in a Protec Flat detachable bell case, which is very sturdy, protective, yet light. It has room for a mute up to the long Rittich size (The mute in the pix is not included in the sale), Mailed in a 27 x 19 x 9 “ box. @ weight 21 #’s. This horn in the protec case cannot be mailed to 2m /79” postal restriction countries. Email questions. $875.00   SOLD

More to follow…


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