Now on eBay: YHR 321 w/F extension. No reserve!

By: frugalhorn

Jan 21 2014

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

321-4 321-3 321-2 321-1 Yamaha YHR 321, serial # 16497. Bb four valve horn with approximately 70 % lacquer, with minor non sound altering dents and dings.  Very good valve compression. Rose brass leadpipe for corrosion resistance. AMADO WATER KEY WILL BE ADDED N/C. It has  a factory  stop/or A transposition valve. The Fourth valve can be uses with either the small crook, or added H crook, or with the F extension. One for stopping and one for A transposition or with the F extension.  Factory case with serial Number put on with a silver magic marker. Probably ex-school system. The F extension makes available the low notes missing on a Bb horn. This is not a double horn, It is a single Bb and it can play all the notes a double can, except pedal low F#, which can be lipped down, to achieve, if needed. Shipped in a box that is 18 x 18 X 27″ weighing 20 pounds. It cannot be shipped to countries that have the 2 meter/79″ girth + one length countries. email questions.


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