Re-purpose your 8D, the final recycle…..

By: frugalhorn

Feb 18 2014

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

So you’ve had it with the old “Hollywood sound’, You’ve moved on to an  un-lacquered brass Geyer/ Knopf wrap horn or an Alex to match the sound of your section mates.  What to do with your old 8D??

They are being given away on eBay. and it’s  near needing , yet, another valve job and… the list goes on.

Ta-da!elkhart-6Can you think of a better use??? Horn water fountains are so warm weather dependent. For those of us that live in the chilly regions, need a little fortification every now and again, mostly again…’nuf-said. Use high temp silver solder and a bottom of  silver. Possibly mildly toxic…

If an ad appears at the end of this blog, I’m sorry, I have no control over them without spending money to have them blocked…


3 comments on “Re-purpose your 8D, the final recycle…..”

  1. seems rather a small portion of the horn made it to the next life. got any plans
    for the rest?


  2. But, an enjoyable next life. Many of the other parts were also re-purposed into other 8D’s. The bell-tail was split/torn both above and below the engraving.


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