Mid June list of horns for sale. With new prices!

By: frugalhorn

Jun 08 2014

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some old some new #1

 A Holton Model 75 five valve Bb horn…Holton 75 -1

Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: 98%
Case: FACTORY light brown
Condition: ExcellentHolton 75 -2
Other Details: Very rare and excellent condition. I have no idea how many of these were built. Serial # from the early 60’s.
I’ve never seen or heard of another, but I’m sure some folks know of these. Thumb driven F extension and pinky driven stop/ A valve. email questions additional pix available.
Extras Included: Factory brown Holton thin profile hardcaseHolton 75 -3Note the modified 77 into a 75…Holton 75 -5Price $1850.00     Returned damaged will re-list when repaired.

#2 A Yamaha 567D…567D-1Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: stripped
Case: factory fixed or factory gig
Condition: Very Good567D-2
Other Details: Screwbelled using a Yamaha ringset. Additional work done, stripped, adjustable pinky hook.A good horn for a serious player who needs the detachable flare for portability or just because…The Yamaha ring set is light weight and sits a little higher up the throat of the flare, The same ringset is standard on the famous 667D. email questions more pix available.567D-3
Extras Included: Either a Factory Yamaha black case or a Yamaha branded “soft gig bag”.

Price $2000.00


#3 A Hans Hoyer Geyer/knopf wrap with Bb Tuning slideHoyer mit Bb-7Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: noneHoyer mit Bb-2
Case: generic in good shape
Condition: GoodHoyer mit Bb-1
Other Details: One of only two Hoyers that I’ve ever owned that has the Bb tuning slide. Built in the DGR probably in the 50’s pre-serial number, Has assembly numbers on the valves. Great old horn with that wonderful early Older Hoyer sound. The lead pipe was originally designed for the older German mouthpieces with the shank that is different from modern American mouthpieces. It has been (removable?) sleeved to fit modern MP’s. Can stand in either Bb or F. Mechanical change lever with string linkage on 1,2, & 3.
Email questions additional pix available. Oxidized brass w/o much lacquer.
Extras Included: generic good fixed bell case.Hoyer mit Bb-3
Price: 1,975   SOLD


#4 a King Fidelio, McCracken designedjune Fidelio-1Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: about 90%
Case: factory king
Condition: Very Goodjune Fidelio-2
Other Details: McCracken designed. A very nice Fidelio with a couple of up grades, an amado water key and spatula buttons. Plays well centered and in-tune across the Bb & F horns. Has the hyper durable King gold lacquer. Good up and coming serious intermediate horn that will also go to college. A good re-emergent adult horn, free blowing but without the need for ‘extra air’ required by an Eroica.june Fidelio-3

Price: $925.00


#5 An unknown home built 5 Valve Bb.west MI 5 valve-9Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Fixedwest MI 5 valve-4
Lacquer: a little…
Case: fixed bell hard case.
Condition: Fairwest MI 5 valve-1
Other Details: Purchased out of western Michigan several years ago. Unknown builder, but very creative in his or hers building style. Home made turns using existing bends, the change valve (Which drives the stop A extension) made from a standard spatula….The pinky drives the F extension. A quirky fun horn that would allow you to fool w the idea of a five valve Bb for a reasonable investment. A good conversation or teaching horn.
Extras Included: fixed bell hard case
Price: $ 775.00

#6  a Pre-Pottag Reynolds double c.1949Lars-pre-3Bore: Medium
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Fixed
Lacquer: unlacquered, but polishedLars-pre-1
Case: Reynolds fixed bell case (old)
Condition: Very Good
Other Details: A horn from F A Reynold’s shop shortly after his leaving King, About the late 40’s All original, lacquer had been remover but the horn is polished. on out casing of the #2 slide is engraved “Dayton Public Schools FH #6. Very good compression. All slides smooth and Valves are quick w/ no bearing play. It has a Schmidt style hook flipper, a rubber encased thumb lever, amado WC, Mich badge. Plays very well…..pre-2
This is the horn that became the Pottag Model. I don’t know how much real input Max Pottag had on his “model” I don’t know if the taper were changed slightly. This horn plays like a Pottag.The differences are slight. the Thumb linkage is mechanical, the Bb tuning slide has no “pull Button”. The levers are rounded as the early Kings were, not flat as the later Reynolds were. There is no bracing across the tuning crooks, the lead pipe, which appears to be original is NISI. Minor signs of brace soldering and slight bell crease scars. Very cool old horn for a serious player. Slides are brass in nickle. + pix available, ask ?’s
Extras Included: reynolds case
Price: $850.00   Price adjustment now $675.00


As with all the horns I offer, there are always others,(ask) , More pix of specific horns are available (What do you want to see??)  and prices are not set in stone, but with in reason.  Questions answered.


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