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Jul 16 2014

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Reversed Yamaha YHR 321 Bb four valve horn, with A/stopping valve. I have reversed this horn to be played right-handed. Those of us with aging shoulders make holding our beloved traditional horns very painful and some of us have developed a mild palsy that makes playing difficult. The horn is set up with a flipper for additional support

The horn can be played as a standard YHR 321, except you finger with your right hand.YAMREVERSE-4

I used the different #1 crook because I found the factory straight crook awkward to dump with my left hand. I assume that, with time, this would feel more natural, but for now, comfort over the factory 321 crook #1 crook….

Playing a horn right-handed has its challenges and drawbacks:YAMREVERSE-3

Your embouchure and body architecture seems askew and you’re at odds with section mates. It is a testimony to our instrument that folks will go to reversals to allow them to continue to play.



King 1155

king original 5 V  -2

Very rare original King Model 1155 Bb horn w/ F extension. Serial #13931X (1925-1930). Silver-plated. Excellent condition. Retractable Schmidt/sansone under leadpipe hand flipper. Minor wear to plate in bell flare. It comes with a king Eb crook which would make the horn a Ab/Eb extension horn??? king original 5 V  -1No signs of major repair or soldering. One raised dent on the back bow. Great old horn. The pinky valve operates the F extension; the thumb valve is the stop/A valve. Good compression, very playable, collectible. Comes in original Black King case, Pre faux alligator. (possibly built by F.A. Reynolds, who made cases at king early in his career.) Case handle is a homemade replacement, which works well. This horn design was also built by Geyer. I don’t know who was the chicken and who was the egg.king original 5 V  -3 Email questions. Other pix available. Cannot be shipped using normal post office to countries with the 2m girth + one length countries. It can be shipped at a higher rate, via post Fed EX, UPS, etc. but expensive.



Bach 1102 (Yamaha 567) Geyer wrap horn Yam567-1Plays Very well. 98% lacquer slight signs of bell crease roll out. There are a few scratches to the finish and tiny 1 to 2mm dings. (Remember, 10mm is about the size of a dress shirt button.) Bach contracted Yamaha to build their horns, which are identical to the two Yamaha models except that the turnings on the valve cover are slightly different. The Bach single F model 1101 is the Yamaha YHR 314 horn and their double model 1102 is the Yamaha YHR 567 horn.Yam567-2 The Bach horns have three differences the: A. valve cover design B. model number is on the lead-pipe, and c. their name is on the bell-tail flare. They play the same and the 1102 has the adjustable thumb lever which makes the Yamaha 567 wonderful for up and coming younger horn players because the span of the thumb throw lever to pinky hook can be adjusted easily as the students hand size changes with growth. They are equally desirable for adults who would like either a smaller or larger span between the thumb lever and the pinky hook. Yam567-5These horns are known for their quality and their valves last longer than our American made horns. This horn plays very well. Email questions, or for additional pix.  Can be screwbelled for $275.00 + cost of ringset. Horn will be stripped



W. Nirschl  D500

3:4 horn-2A 3/4 sized Geyer wrap horn, recently taken in trade from a growing young man. 3:4 horn-3This horn speaks easily, well notched and is a surprisingly neat horn to play. 3:4 horn-4The wrap is tighter than a full sized horn, the weight is about the same, It’s the same amount of tubing ad a full-sized double, just wrapped tighter. 3:4 horn-7An ideal horn for a young player or small stature. Just given a complete cleaning and adjustment. More pix available, ask questions.
Extras Included: Factory fitted light weight fabric covered solid case.3:4 horn-2

On trial

Reynolds “pottag” style double horn.Lars-pre-3custom features, Plays VERY well. a cool old horn (late ’40’s) pre-1Small patch on bell done with a Michigan badge.Lars-pre-4factory case.


more stuff on the bench, ask…..The kitchen is almost done…..




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