The make/ weight document with iPhoto color altered Michigan badge

By: frugalhorn

Jan 12 2015

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

worth a re-read, horn weights re-visited


Pasted below is the Make / weight chart that I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog. Over the years I’ve heard players talk up the idea that some horns are ‘so heavy’ or ‘light’. Sometimes this is merely a way of saying that they don’t like a specific type of horn, or a horn’s ‘wrap’. You’ll note some differences in weights of the same model horn. My feeling is that some horns have become  heavier because the maker is marketing them to the school market and want to offer a sturdier horn. Some horns where once built-in town A and when the company moved to town B or C the horns changed. At times this happened because the ownership changed, others because the level of workmanship changed. The materials seem to make a slight difference, NiSi horns are somewhat heavier than brass horns, but factory produced horns are pretty consistent. I’m…

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