Lucy, the shop cat.

By: frugalhorn

Jan 23 2015

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a blog from April 2011, shortly after Lucy arrived oldish, deaf, and declawed. Turned loose in farm country by a previous owner to “make it in the wild”. She died over a year ago, but managed to get in about three years of being spoiled….The discussion mentioned was pre-facebook sites, but in many ways still stands….


Lucy, the shop cat and I have been following the screwbell discussion on the Memphis site.

I’ve considered chiming in, but I seldom market to the high pro.  Additionally have no status among the high-end builders/techs, so my comments are mute.  Most of my work is done to either satisfy my own curiosity or to make up a good functioning horn that plays well and will satisfy a young hornist into college, or for re-emergent adults that are returning to the world of playing and don’t want to break the bank.

Many of the horns I rebuild are in fact frankenhorns. They are horns that have had a previous life and often were badly damaged. One of my favorite horns are the Cleveland built Reynolds Pottag and Chambers, and the later FEO2, 3. 4 series. Unfortunately, few have made it through the years since the 50/60’s as closet horns. Many…

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