A trio of horns for sale.

By: frugalhorn

Apr 11 2015

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Up and running, a reversed Yamaha YHR 321 Bb four valve horn, with A/stopping valve. I have reversed this horn to be played right-handed. Those of us with aging shoulders make holding our beloved traditional horns very painful and some of us have developed a mild palsy that makes playing difficult. The horn is set up with a flipper for additional support The horn can be played as a standard YHR Yamaha 321, except you finger with your right hand. I used the different #1 crook because I found the factory straight crook awkward to dump with my left hand. I assume that, with time, this would feel more natural, but for now, comfort over the factory 321 crook #1 crook…. right hand w:o Fext-2Playing a horn right-handed has its challenges and drawbacks: Your embouchure and body architecture seems askew and you’re at odds with section mates. It is a testimony to our instrument that folks will go to reversals to allow them to continue to play. As with many of the horns I’ve fooled around with it has earned a small copper Michigan badge. april180-1 A Brass Holton 180/280. This is the model that is the yellow brass version of the H179.. Serial number 6176XX. Detachable bell. The ring-set, installed later, is the alex compatible large 8d sized Conn/Selmer set. The horn plays very well in tune with a good sound throughout all ranges. A very strong lower range, with a good high range. It has that huge sound from a large bore horn, but without the NiSi über bright-ness. It is in very solid playing condition, but somewhat cosmetically challenged, this is not a drum & bugle corps completely shiny marching horn! april180-4It has been stripped of the lacquer in areas where work was done in the past and those areas will achieved a lovely patina. It has the factory water key. The valves have very good compression. This is a good horn for a serious student/ adult who is conscious of space considerations, and is seeking a large throat horn. The case, a Protec similar to the Conn detachable bell case.april180-3SOLD

And last , but not least: april fidelio-6McCracken designed, Fidelio Model 2269 Double horn. Very good valve compression, it will serve its new owner well. The inside of the bell has the original (scratched and worn) factory lacquer to prevent the player from excessive ‘green hand’ when playing in high humidity sessions. april fidelio-2The horn has, although not shown in pix, a Holton Adjustable Pinky hook. The valve stop plates are factory black nylon or plastic. New strings and neoprene bumpers. april fidelio-1Ready to play, comes in a Factory hard case.


Email Questions about any ans ask about others on the bench, soon to come…


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