Comparision of (invasion by) Holton Valves iPhoto color altered

By: frugalhorn

Apr 30 2015

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

For you folks that like to crunch numbers….


Re: Holton 77 serial #367275, c. 1963.

Richard Hirsh wrote:

“Wes Hatch reports the valves on the 77 were French made. When the H-178 and variants were introduced, they switched over to American made valves with different specifications (larger shafts and rotor bodies).”

Tubbs replied:

“Richard thanks for the info. I’ll put together a post comparing the 77/180/190 valves. I also have a couple of the over sized rotors that were available to replace heavily worn rotors. (I wonder if Holton made them or if they came from another source?)
Wes Hatch is a treasure of info about the horn and especially the Holton horns. Additionally, I’ve been told he builds an excellent horn. “

This is the set-up for this blog:

I put together a group of Holton valves and measured them.

Accompanying Pix posted on my Facebook page in an album.

The valves were measured at the following…

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