So you bought yourself a horn VII, Mirafone iphoto color altered main valve cluster.

By: frugalhorn

May 02 2015

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Ah, the old Mirafone (Miraphone) ….This was one of a series dealing with horn rebuilding, posted several years ago… Soon to be offered, a DIY valvectomy horn kit. If you’re curious, tear stuff apart and put it back together again….a DIY course from….ha!!


Shown is the Mirafone main valve cluster, slightly color altered…. This is the last entry prior to the entries which will deal with the fixin’ of the horn.  On my facebook page there will be an album of several photos of the main valve cluster, They are of the cluster as the horn was disassembled. One of the things you’ll notice is that all three valves are slightly out of registration. When the scribe marks do not line up it means that probably the ports inside the valve are not opening perfectly and there little bumps for the air to work around as it flows through the valve. If these are bad enough it can alter the way the horn plays making it feel stuffy and even can alter intonation.  Once the scribe marks are lined up then the stop corks have to be set so that the scribe on…

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