May DIY projects + a few Horns for sale

By: frugalhorn

May 23 2015

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Reynolds FEO1 for restoration or parts Serial #743XX, Marked Cleveland on bell tail. Flare trashed w/3 rim patches + 3 more cracks. Reynolds pts-10Missing: Spatulas, lead pipe and main tuning slide, possibly other small braces, etc. Reynolds pts-2everything else is there, email questions. Reynolds pts-9Shipped in a ‘shipping case’ which will provide protection, not that it needs it…Reynolds pts-1Shipped standard post, (the old parcel post). Reynolds pts-4If you email me a zip code I can give you a pretty close cost on shipment. Currently on Ebay. until 5/30. No reserve.  Will be relisted due to non payment by the Brazilian winning bid….


Wendler-5No reserve. A Shed find…Bell marked: A. Wendler, (Maker), Schwerin I. M. (Schwerin is the capital and second-largest city of the northern German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.)Wendler-9Probably pre-WWI.  Full double w/ Bb & F tuning slides. Wendler-6Hand Hammered bell. all slides free, valves have weak compression, Bell has two patches, missing lead pipe. One patch first branch. A very cool old horn, The horn deserves some work and would be a really nice German horn. Wendler-4No serial #, Valve cluster is 1,2,3. The change lever is a replacement that allows the horn to stand in F, probably stood in Bb.Wendler-7Wendler-2
Email questions. Shipped in a ‘shipping case’ which will provide protection. Shipped standard post, (the old parcel post). If you email me a zip code I can give you a pretty close cost on shipment. This horn will be listed, no reserve on Ebay in a couple of days….Will close sometime June 1, 2015. I can pull the listing for either one if you’re not an Ebay person….


And for sale, up and running….Shipping additional, a little wiggle in prices….

#1 F. E. Olds
James Stagliano wrap, AKA Conn 6d. Marsten olds O45-4Built w/ a Bernie Marsten valve cluster, Marsten olds O45-6He produced many valves for the Olds’ double french horn, Both the NiSi Geyer wrap and this model which was similar to the Conn 6-D. Marsten olds O45-9Olds would send a purchase order for sets of valves and issue a group of serial numbers to match, Bernie would build them. Marsten olds O45-3He is also known for the Valve clusters that he built for Carl Geyer . Note machining on top bearing plate (pix)Marsten olds O45-7
Additionally an Amado water key,Marsten olds O45-18 raw brass, Very good to excellent condition for a horn built late 1955/ early 1956 just after Olds left LA and moved to new factory in the orange grove in Fullerton. Marsten olds O45-2A Hand engraved logo on bell. Marsten olds O45-1A really nice old horn is super shape, plays very well. A very sturdy horn in the Lawson weight category, AKA not a feather weight horn, just over 6#’s.Marsten olds O45-10 Slight signs of rolling out a crease on the flare. email questions $1500.00

#2 Holton Farkas Brass Holton 178-2Holton Double
Condition Good – or fair +. Valves serviced, corpus cleaned, restrung with new corks. NiSi valve cluster & crooks. Holton 178-4The rest of the horn is Brass. Started with the fixed upper tune slide which is now movable.  Detachable flare, (not Alex compatible) the original flare with one small rim patch. Holton 178-1Plays well in tune across F & Bb horns With NiSi inner and outer slides a H178 lead-pipe and Holton water-key. Holton 178-6It has had dent removal in upper bell-section, a NiSi hand-guard is present with minor denting , larger than a Holton guard. Holton 178-3Small dents on #3 F Crook and upper F tuning slide. Good (not new) compression and horn plays to High C, well centered. A good horn for a player who wants an “up-north” cabin or travel horn. Also it would serve a family looking for an introductory double, a tentative player, or are on a budget.Holton 178-5 No lacquer and will oxidize, additional pix available, email questions. Either a Holton adjustable pinky hook or a Conn/Selmer flipper included in the price, your choice.  $1175.00  SOLD

#3 F.E. Olds Geyer wrapolds geyer -31950s F. E. Olds was in Fullerton, California.  Olds was being run at this time by Mr. Reynolds who had closed down his Ohio factory and had taken up the task of helping Olds to gain market share over Conn. olds geyer -1The studio musicians of the day used Conn 8Ds and Kruspes, both usually with modified leadpipes. Reynolds may have decided to use the Geyer wrap on this “high end” horn. This will probably never be known for sure, but it makes discussion….olds geyer -2This horn is in good shape, never a serious accident, a couple of re-soldered braces, scratched finish worn through is a few high wear spots, Dimes on the spatulas,olds geyer -4 One small dent in the first branch. Email for additional pix, A nice horn for a serious player who wants a Geyer wrap and the NiSi sound. Not sure of the date, but has the earlier bell and LP braces.olds geyer -6$1425.00

#4 Bach 1102 aka Yamaha 567Bach 1102-1Bach 1102 (Yamaha 567)
Geyer wrap horn Plays Very well. 95% lacquer and slight signs of work healing past injuries. There are a scratches to the finish and tiny 1 to 2mm dings. (Remember, 10mm is about the size of a dress shirt button.) The Vincent Bach Co, most well-known for their trumpets, has in the past used other manufactures to supply them with ‘stencil’ instruments to fill out an instrument line to include models they didn’t manufacture themselves. Bach 1102-2They contracted Yamaha to build their horns, which are identical to Yamaha models except there are slight differences. The Bach double model 1102 is the Yamaha YHR 567 horn. The Bach horns have three differences: A. valve cover design B. model number is on the lead-pipe C. their name is on the bell-tail flare. They play the same and the 1102 has the adjustable thumb lever which makes the Yamaha 567 wonderful for up and coming younger horn players because the span of the throw lever to pinky hook is adjustable. Bach 1102-3$1365.00  SOLD


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