F. E. Olds w/ Marsten valves, Stagliano wrap

F. E. Olds
James Stagliano wrap, AKA Conn 6d. Built w/ a Bernie Marsten valve cluster, Marsten olds O45-6He produced many valves for the Olds’ double french horn, Both the NiSi Geyer wrap and this model which was similar to the Conn 6-D. Marsten olds O45-9Olds would send a purchase order for sets of valves and issue a group of serial numbers to match, Bernie would build them. Marsten olds O45-3He is also known for the Valve clusters that he built for Carl Geyer . Note machining on top bearing plate (pix)Marsten olds O45-7
Additionally an Amado water key,Marsten olds O45-18 raw brass, Very good to excellent condition for a horn built late 1955/ early 1956 just after Olds left LA and moved to new factory in the orange grove in Fullerton. Marsten olds O45-2A Hand engraved logo on bell. Marsten olds O45-1A really nice old horn is super shape, plays very well. A very sturdy horn in the Lawson weight category, AKA not a feather weight horn, just over 6#’s.Marsten olds O45-10 Slight signs of rolling out a crease on the flare.

Email questions. Shipped in a nice aftermarket case in a  18″ X 18″ X 27″ box weighing 21 pounds.The cost is paid by the buyer. Domestic, standard parcel post.  Cannot be shipped to countries that have a 2m/ 78″ girth + one length countries. Otherwise OK. Overseas, actual cost USPS Priority International.

$1250.00 or offer.


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