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Nov 17 2015

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The root cellar:


Have you ever wondered who the craftsmen are who labor off the stage to shape the music that we make? Over the next two years the Digital Edition will take you on a fascinating journey to the shops and workbenches of the craftsmen who create the horns that fill your lives, those enchanting tubes whose gleaming twists and burnished brilliance dazzle on the stage. From their stories we will not just hear about why the horn you play landed in your giddy little hands, but why it has the sound it does, and the shape, the weight, the color. Why is the thumb valve shaped like that?  What do they call my Conn a Kruspe? What happens underneath the hammers in Mindelzel or London, Mainz or Elkhart?shop-1

Our two-year journey is just one part of our commitment to inform our entire international society of all things horn. Join us on the trip!   Send us questions.  If you want to hear a horn builder explain what a compensating horn is, now’s your chance.  And if you are a horn maker, contact us to arrange an interview. We want to hear from all of you and showcase your extraordinary craft.  As always, please click on the “Contact” banner at the bottom.shop interior-4

All IHS members have access to a treasure trove of information in the Digital Horn Call Archives section.  Much of what you want to know about the horn can already be found in past and future Horn Call issues.  Become an IHS member and dive deeper into your horn passion, whether as your hobby, vocation, or career.  Whether it be through The Horn Call,  our Website Social Media,  or this Digital Newsletter let us be your regular reminder of what you love about the greatest instrument on earth – The Horn!

Enjoy this month’s stories…
Jeff Nelsen
President, International Horn Society

Click on this link to view:

shop#3 PhornIHS E-Newsletter

The IHS E-Newsletter, launched in February 2015, is free to anyone, IHS member or not. For members, it complements The Horn Call; for non-members, it is a glimpse into content you can expect in the journal and may tantalize you with its links into members-only content.

Those who subscribe receive approximately monthly issues by email with personal stories, educational content, and horn-related articles and links. Articles by hornists around the world will be in their language (as well as, in most cases, English translations). Content will include video and audio tracks, announcements for events, and horn trivia. Email us with your suggestions.

Sign up to receive the newsletter; you can unsubscribe at any time. If you are an IHS member or have a user account for IHS Online, log in to your account first so your member information is recognized and appears in the form automatically.


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