Reynolds Pottag model c. 1954 Unveiled as reworked…

By: frugalhorn

Nov 29 2015

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


During the mid/late 40’s the Reynolds company developed a relationship with Max Pottag, who both played in the CSO and taught at Northwestern. Whether the collaborated on design/ tapers is, to my knowledge, unknown for sure. The earliest known marked Pottag Model was serial numbered in the low 20,000 range. Note the long brace near the pinky hook, It is a later addition.

According to records about 1949. The earliest Pottag model’s I’ve seen all had mechanical linkage like the early Conn 8d.   35M Reynolds -2Note the lead pipe, it is a different configuration from Reynolds horns, although I have another FEO-3 (Post Brass Chambers model with the same “appearance” pipe. It has been re-finished at least once in its life, Possible re-belled, but the braze line and the Reynolds engraving was often very shallow and easily buffed off during a re-lacquer job. The bell tail is shorter at its junction with the first branch, Bell probably a Conn   6D length, (Also used on the 4D)
35M Reynolds -1The additional area of interest is that the NiSi leadpipe is probably a replacement, but when balled out very closely matched a known Pottage pipe. The spatulas are a mismatch, two from one horn and one#3 from another. Probably changed when the horn was refinished. 35M Reynolds -3

35M Reynolds -4The serial Number on this horn 35655 is c. 1954. This predates the Chambers Model by about four years. My early Chambers is 528XX, c. 1958.

35M Reynolds -5The bell flare metal thickness is .016″compared to an Eastlake Conn 8d and a Yamaha 667 which measure .018″ and a double from china measured .022″. When measured in the bell’s throat area it drops to about .010″.  For an immature or small hand I’d advise either rubber extenders for the spatulas or to solder a dime to the end of #1-3. They are set up for an open hand grip, and fit a normal mature hand. The horn could be fitted with an adjustable pinky hook, and or an Amado water key, for the cost of the part.  $1150.00 or offer.
New price @ $775.00 due to inconsistencies noted above in red.


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