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Feb 03 2016

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

One of the scarcer horns around, a Holton ‘Opus series’, model H100. During the mid/late 80’s Holton hand built a few of these to possibly compete with the Yamaha 800 series horns. Probably made in the prototype shop. Built in NiSi utilizing many bends from the H179 horn. H100-2Very few H-100 models were built and sold, I ‘d assume built to order. I’ve read that less than a dozen were built. It has hand fitted and lapped phosphor bronze rotors with gold plated ports to eliminate the scanky condition that can oxidize the valves ports.H100-6 Solid nickel bearings ground and hand fitted. Precision hinged, articulated, short stroke valve string driven spatulas with reversible 4th lever, allowing the horn to stand in Bb. H100-4Gold plated inside leadpipe again to reduce corrosion, creating a good air flow.The horn has a huge (bigger than an Eroica) H100-7 NiSi  hand hammered detachable bell. re-designed forth valve vertical slide and a vertical F slide. Two water keys,  leadpipe &  F main branch.  Hand lapped tuning slides.H100-5
This horn’s has a dark sound with good pitch center. Nice horn. Housed in the factory Holton case. $2500.00


Hoyer stencil-7Geyer wrap Gerhard Baier horn is a Hoyer stencil Double French Horn. Serial # 354364M with a factory detachable bell flare.  It is a terrific horn for a serious young/ university student/ adult. It is good enough for a performance major or played professionally.  Yellow brass, Silver plated. Gold Brass lead pipe, also plated. Nickel inner, outer slides and ferrules, Hoyer mechanical linkage.Hoyer stencil-5 Adjustable Hoyer pinky hook. Hoyer stencil-2This horn uses the same valve cluster with Oil Ports Hoyer stencil-8and the bracing and bends are all the same as the Hoyer 801 Geyer wrap horn. Bore: 11,9 mm (0.468 “), bell diameter: 310 mm (12.205”) bell, adjustable pinky hook. This horn was manufactured in Markneukirchen Germany in the same factory where the famous Hoyer horns are built. Hoyer stencil-3Today this factory features high technical standards, a large environmentally clean plant, and state of the art processes engineered especially for manufacturing brass instruments. The horns are very consistent in quality.  Brand Name Gerhard Baier, is a stencil name from the VMI/ B&S/ Meinl conglomerate. Comes in a sturdy wooden flat case with a mute storage + 2 closable areas for music and accessories. Hoyer stencil-9The case is heavy but very protective.
This horn is in excellent condition, Some very minor signs of dent raising in the back bow area and the bell has had two ‘Boinks’ rolled out, Will send pix if needed. This Horn is free blowing, well centered, and has a big open sound; the tone color is characteristically that of a brass horn, yet with the flash of a silver horn with warmth and color that a nickel horn lacks.  $1800.00 SOLD


Another Yamaha YHR 561 Good valve compression, cosmetically challenged, no lacquer.YHR561-jan-2 The horn shows signs of “work” done to it. The horn will oxidize if not touched up occasionally. I generally use a non abrasive cleaner, then I’ll put on a layer of floor paste wax, or wipe it down after use with a silver polish cloth, or let it oxidize. YHR561-jan-3The ring set is an 8d Conn/Selmer ring set. My rose brass 8d flare screws right up to it. So the ringset give you some interesting tone color options. It has a Holton Adjustable pinky hook. The horn will have a Amado waterkey on the leadpipe installed. The horn has an easy upper register and plays well throughout the horn’s range.YHR561-jan-1 The valve slides are Yamaha’s factory brass within NiSi sheaths. Email questions,  shipped in a factory Yamaha case. $  SOLD


Joesf Lidl Professional Model full double French horn. Lidl -1The design is a copy of the Walter Kruspe Model seen in the old Kruspe catalogue. Made in Brno, Czech Republic. Lidl-10Mechanical linkage, with reversible F / Bb. Lidl -4Currently standing in F.  Bore 11.7mm, 300 mm bell flare, NiSi slides on tuning crooks.  High quality horn seldom seen in the US. Lidl -2Lidl builds the highly regarded Besson Horns marketed out of the UK.  It is ready to be played right away. The valves are fast, smooth and quiet, and the compression is good. shipped in a SKB case.Lidl -3


During the mid/late 40’s the Reynolds company developed a relationship with Max Pottag, who both played in the CSO and taught at Northwestern. Whether the collaborated on design/ tapers is, to my knowledge, unknown for sure. The earliest known marked Pottag Model was serial numbered in the low 20,000 range. Note the long brace near the pinky hook, It is a later addition.

35M Reynolds -7According to records about 1949. The earliest Pottag model’s I’ve seen all had mechanical linkage like the early Conn 8d.   35M Reynolds -2Note the lead pipe, it is a different configuration from Reynolds horns, although I have another FEO-3 (Post Brass Chambers model with the same “appearance” pipe. It has been re-finished at least once in its life, Possible re-belled, but the braze line and the Reynolds engraving was often very shallow and easily buffed off during a re-lacquer job. The bell tail is shorter at its junction with the first branch, Bell probably a Conn   6D length, (Also used on the 4D)
35M Reynolds -1The additional area of interest is that the NiSi leadpipe is probably a replacement, but when balled out very closely matched a known Pottage pipe. The spatulas are a mismatch, two from one horn and one#3 from another. Probably changed when the horn was refinished. 35M Reynolds -3

35M Reynolds -4The serial Number on this horn 35655 is c. 1954. This predates the Chambers Model by about four years. My early Chambers is 528XX, c. 1958.

35M Reynolds -5The bell flare metal thickness is .016″compared to an Eastlake Conn 8d and a Yamaha 667 which measure .018″ and a double from china measured .022″. When measured in the bell’s throat area it drops to about .010″.  For an immature or small hand I’d advise either rubber extenders for the spatulas or to solder a dime to the end of #1-3. They are set up for an open hand grip, and fit a normal mature hand. The horn could be fitted with an adjustable pinky hook, and or an Amado water key, for the cost of the part.  SOLD


If you need any additional information on any of these horns contact me at my email:  frugalhorn@gmail.com I’ll need your email address if you would like any additional pix, and for a shipping quote I’ll need your postal code. Generally I use USPS for shipping, horns in fixed bell cases will generally be shipped in an 18 X 18 X 27″ box, @ about 21 pounds. Horns in detachable cases, like the Hoyer stencil, have a box formed to work for the case.






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