YHR 561 Double Horn now on eBay, no reserve 7 day…..

enter this number in the eBay search bar and it should get you there.


This horn is the one I posted on an earlier blog. modified write-up from the first one.


Yamaha YHR 561 Good valve compression, cosmetically challenged, no lacquer. The horn shows signs of “work” done to it. The horn will oxidize if not touched up occasionally. I generally use a non abrasive cleaner, then I’ll put on a layer of floor paste wax, or wipe it down after use with a silver polish cloth, or let it oxidize. The ring set is an 8d Conn/Selmer ring set. My rose brass 8d flare screws right up to it. So the ringset give you some interesting tone color options. The other option is a Holton Adjustable pinky hook. The horn has an easy upper register and plays well throughout the horn’s range. The valve slides are Yamaha’s factory brass within NiSi sheaths. Email questions, Buyer to pay shipping. Shipped in a factory fixed bell Yamaha case.


It’s been awhile since I posted a horn on eBay, their fees are so high, by the time you’re done it’s about 10-15% due to  final valve fee, 10% of incurred shipping fees, PayPal fees for handling the $, etc….But you reach many folks that don’t view other horn sale sites. This is an excellent horn for a re-emergent, upwardly looking student who needs a screw bell horn. I started it at about $35.00 with no reserve… Let’s see where it goes….Ha.


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