Large throat Yamaha NiSi bell tail on YHR 567.

By: frugalhorn

Aug 02 2016

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Years ago I bought a Yamaha NiSi factory screw bell out of Australia. It’s been hanging around in the upstairs storage/ winter work room ever since I acquired it. It has a compatible YHR668 ring set, which is larger than the 667/567 set. Well, so the story goes, this horn corpus had a 567 ringset on a good tail and a repaired flare, which had been folded, etc. It went out on approval and came home with a nicely cross threaded ringset. The Yamaha ringsets are prone to cross threading and also limited to use with Yamaha flares. I’ve done some Yamaha detachable using the Conn 9/10D & the 8/11D ringset which gives them potential interchangeability with alex flares + the conn flares.  567NiSi-1 - 1Seemed like time to give this puppy a spin….I’m not sure which bell this is, either a 664 or a 668. The fellow I purchased it from had had it a while so it may be for the earlier horn (664). Correct me if I’m wrong about this… 567NiSi-5 - 1I wire brushed the tail and only took a little lacquer off the brass corpus. I have done nothing to the flare, which is raw NiSi.  Upon playing, at my lever, ‘duffer”,  it is a very interesting sound, and has a good bottom end. I’ll have to run it by folks who have complete hearing w/o tinnitus and near complete loss in my left ear and see what they say. Well we’ve got to go vote, and other running around, more later…. 567NiSi-3 - 1



2 comments on “Large throat Yamaha NiSi bell tail on YHR 567.”

  1. I think it’s a 668 bell since it’s nickle. But wouldn’t the first branch have to be changed to match the bell? Medium sized bells like what the 567 and 662 use a different taper first branch then large bells such as the 668, correct?


    • Actually the beginning of the NISi tail begins a few thousandth smaller than the beginning of the factory 567 bell tail. So the taper of the NiSi bell is faster than the 567’s? Also, I don’t have a NiSi first branch that would fit the 567 to experiment with. As you know as a reader of the blog, I’m a pretty low tech guy and more driven by how a horns plays than computer driven/ designed components.


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