So you bought yourself a french horn.

By: frugalhorn

Oct 18 2016

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A series of entries (About 23 or 24 entries) to give you a sense of what it’s like to “work a horn up”. If you want to move to the next blog, click on the right arrow. There will be other blogs not dealing with this hor, but you can just skip by them….I was into altering color in the pics at this time. It’s so much fun when you find out something new, as an old guy, and you can go nuts with it for a time….The last blog in this series is entitled…”enough already” or something like that.


So, you bought yourself a French horn!

In the following blogs and Facebook albums I will attempt to give you a feel for the world of buying a horn at auction. Someone once said, “Hey, Tubbs, pretty neat little scam, buying and selling French horns. Like flipping houses except cheaper. You must make a killing!”

It is a way of making near minimum wage and recycling a horn that will serve someone well. The chance of getting a serviceable horn, inexpensively, on an auction site is slim. I love the write ups where the seller proclaims, “sounds great, beautiful sound! “ and then further on in the listing states that they do not play the instrument and they bought it at an estate sale, or some other place, or is missing parts which they aren’t even aware of. Good valves, because they ‘turn’ and the slide goes pop when pulled…

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One comment on “So you bought yourself a french horn.”

  1. Hi – My dad is an avid horn player and extremely interested in your King Eroica horn, or any other silver/nickel Eroica horns you might have. However, he lacks social media, so he’s having difficulties contacting you. If possible, he would love to talk with you through email at Thank you!


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