Mid November list of horns for sale. + too many pics….

By: frugalhorn

Nov 13 2016

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A late fall grouping, (Think Holidays), email questions, Thru second week of Dec., I can probably get you a horn for Christmas. Shipping and insurance is paid by the buyer based upon where you live,

Conn 28D. The best 8D horn style, in brass not NiSi. A Korean War vintage horn.  (425,000 serial range) These were known as the highest brass usage model. Nickel was scarce, due to the war effort, and horns of the early ’50’s vintage had varying amounts of nickle parts. Later 28D’s had NiSi valve clusters with brass wrap. . This horn is mostly brass, see pics. Very good compression, a teriffic horn for a serious Kruspe player who desires the color of a brass corpus and bell. In an older Holton wooden case.  on the bench, w. bell modification.

nov-conn-28d-9-1 nov-conn-28d-8-1 nov-conn-28d-7-1 nov-conn-28d-6-1 nov-conn-28d-5-1 nov-conn-28d-4-1 nov-conn-28d-3-1 nov-conn-28d-2-1 nov-conn-28d-1-1

Holton 280, with Holton factory ring set, and a pigskin covered factory case,( with visible wear). The horn is in terrific shape. built in the mid 80’s. Very good compression lacquer is nice, but not factory perfect. Plays very well faa serious player who desires a large bore Kruspe horn w Bb tuning slide in Brass. (this is the same size horn as the H179, but in Brass not NiSi. $2250.00h280-12-1 h280-11-1 h280-10-1 h280-8-1 h280-6-1 h280-5-1 h280-4-1 h280-3-1 h280-2-1 h280-1-1

King Eroica, McCracken design large bore NiSI double horn. Good horn, plays with a huge sound, yet can be throttled down for PP passages. Very good Compression, Some lacquer loss, minor dent raising back bow, a very good horn for a large bore aficionado. Ready to play.  In a King factory case $1150.00 SOLDeroica-8-1 eroica-7-1 eroica-6-1 eroica-5-1 eroica-4-1 eroica-3-1 eroica-2-1 eroica-1-1

Factory 567 in good shape. Bell has been rolled out near the bell brace, Blotchy Lacquer, see pics, For $150.00 mor will strip to raw brass. +$275.00 to screwbell+ cost of ring set. Plays very well. Factory case.
1150.00 nov-567-7-1 nov-567-8-1 nov-567-4-1 nov-567-3-1 nov-567-2-1 nov-567-1-1

King Fidelio model, McCracken designed, medium bore Brass brother to the NiSi Eroica,
These are teriffic horns, very free blowing, well centered and intune across F to Bb horn. Will take you through College. Lacquer is not perfect and some dents removed.  $985.00fidelio-7-1 fidelio-5-1 fidelio-4-1 fidelio-3-1 fidelio-1-1

and… with the highest shine, least dents a Conn 11D knock off from China. A teaching pro in the region has several of her younger students on this horn. It’s not a bad horn, some China horns are terrible, this one is not.. The investment is a low price, and if the younger students becomes a uber serious player in HS or is off to college, that would be a good time to possibly upgrade to an American or German horn. This horn is good enought to go through High School, or even for a Music Ed horn player on a budget.
800.0011d-ko-8-1 11d-ko-7-1 11d-ko-6-1 11d-ko-5-1 11d-ko-4-1 11d-ko-3-1 11d-ko-2-1 11d-ko-1-1


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One comment on “Mid November list of horns for sale. + too many pics….”

  1. very much interested in a king eroica like the one in your november list-is it available? -Tony (tbarnyard@hotmail.com)


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