A tale of two,no wait only one 561(‘s) for now….

By: frugalhorn

Apr 28 2017

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Beginning with an early model.

Yamaha 561, Serial #001383
yellow brass
about 1980-82 (35+ years old)
Brass tuning slides in nickel outer tubing
w/ minor stripped areas where work was done,
repaired  lead-pipe, (see pic) , an amado water key cam be added for $30.00.
Brass nickel trim
fixed pinky hook, For an adjustable Holton pinky hook add $75.00
string linkage
Brown Yamaha case with a repaired handle.
Yamaha 561, in good playing condition. Has a wonderful full sound, not stuffy. The horn plays/ slot well and is in-tune across the Bb/F horns. This horn was Yamaha’s intermediate double horn when built, about 1982, the first variant/ model did not have Bb tuning slide of the later 561 to 666 models. A sturdy horn and would serve a serious student, Jr. Hi into College or it will serve any adult player well. I’ve played it in a variety of venues and have always liked the 561’s.  The lacquer is a good 85%, with slight scratching.  It has never had the flare folded but the back bow has had some dent raising and there are signs of previous solder work, but no big globs of solder or any buzzes. It does have minor internal wrap denting, none of which will alter the play-ability of the horn. The valves are in very good condition, the top and bottom bearings have been adjusted, bumper and valve strings and cork bumper stops replaced the hardened black rubber stops. All slides function smoothly and are not leaky or loose. It had a fixed pinky hook, which could be adjusted in or out for the next owners hand size. I’d say it’s about factory setting now, although it has been moved at least once. Comes in a Yamaha Brown case. Email questions. Buyer pays shipping based upon the USPS priority mail calculator to your zip code. @ 20 LBS 18 X 18 X 27 “ box. Pay Pal, or personal check OK. _800.00  SOLD

The second horn will be added later, (on the bench)…
















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