Bell tree & other things…

By: frugalhorn

Jun 15 2017

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Part 1.

Now that early summer is near, my bell tree is in full flower. Every year it’s slightly different….But, you’ll notice a door in the second pic. that leads to the “root cellar” where the horn studio does much of its banging.

For the last winter, I moved enough stuff (junk) to the laundry room and set up where the dryer should be. Note the wash waiting to be done. We’ve been exploring the drying of our laundry w/o a dryer. So in an effort to conserve energy I worked “out of the root cellar” for a winter season. It was a bit tight and one horn at a time was about it…Looking west out the door to the side yard.As you can see. not an ideal space to work in.  So this spring,  I unloaded the root cellar onto the driveway and began a re-do of the root cellar space. Remember much of the high grade stuff was in the laundry room….

the entrance door. The cut into the root cellar. . The planning of how to make it work better began. The floor is bricks set in sand and the walls are white washed brick inside the original stone structure. The room’s area w/o any thing in it is 9 X 14.The north wall which is the shared wall to the Bathroom. the west wall has a drain that allows and standing water to make its way into a “french drain” system. We recently has this re-worked and now now it drains into the ditch at the north property line.Where the drain leaves the root cellar.The trip to the road ditch.The anti critter (of size) outlet….








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