Bell tree & other things… part II.

By: frugalhorn

Jun 19 2017

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some of the things that were not removed during the cleaning out were the well storage tank and


My Dad’s work bench, the multi-drawer tool chest and a few

Horn parts, a collection of lead-pipes and first branches and some of the old horns hanging from


The huge Pot hanger I bought at a garage sale years ago. I would love to put this pot hanger in my kitchen, but it needs at least a 10′ ceiling…Plus then I couldn’t hang all sorts of junk on it. I purchased a new de-humidifier to hold down the moisture in the air, but it creates heat and warms the place up to about 85 degrees in no time….grr…..The iron  tools rusting is a constant battle.

Thank god horns don’t rust… So I moved Dad’s work bench to the north wall and started to bring in “stuff” from both the laundry room and outside.Most of my work is done on my little Island, a cast iron base with a work space, on top of a single drawer. Beyond it is another bench made out of a broken scaffolding plank. the french drain out let is below the left side of this apparatus, also covered with more “high grade junk”. You can see the floor pretty well in this pic.  To the east of the well storage tank and  the roll around tool chest there is room for two 36 X18 wire shelf systems which hold 12 horn each. then where my Dad’s work bench was I placed another single drawer work table made from a base I found at a local Habitat Re-store.Below it is my old broken de-humidifier. (It runs for about 15 seconds and then dies) If I can get it working, I’ll donate it to  Habitat, otherwise ???Even the entry way is starting to get filled…  More blather to follow, including a re-work of this plan…Oh. boy!! let’s move more stuff…..




One comment on “Bell tree & other things… part II.”

  1. brick/masonry walls & floor? have you considered troweling on some mortar, sand mix, top&bond onto the walls & maybe floor? I have done this to my 100 year old “farmer concrete” foundation walls and floor where the inside surface had largely spalled away. needed a stiff brushing and spray with bleach to kill off any of the organics that were expanding into this marginal biome niche. then mixed up my masonry with some of the available latex admix. I still have more walls to go, but the new surface is well bonded for several years running and does not show signs of much moisture penetration. perhaps you could exhaust some of the dehumidifier outlet air by duct to the outside… a kluge the calls for duct tape to be used for its eponymous function… taping ducts.


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