A November mix of horns for sale.

By: frugalhorn

Nov 05 2017

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It’s time to list a few new “used” horns for sale:


An early Yamaha 321. serial 000655. It’s in super shape, near 100% lacquer and a few little “boinks”.

It comes with an F extension which is inserted into the thumb operated stop valve.

I think this is the cleanest 321 I’ve ever had.

Comes with the factory case. $775.00 + ship.

Another Yamaha: A  667D with its factory case. This horn was owned by a retiring east coast player who recently moved to the Midwest.The horn is in near new condition.

It plays very well and is suitable for a serious upcoming player or any other person who is looking for a super horn.


A Tubbs built five valve Bb w/ F extension.Made using Yamaha parts. The ringset is Alex compatible. It sports a Michigan badge.Plays very well. The F extension is controlled by the thumb and the pinky controls the stop valve.It has an Alex flipper and no pinky hook.


Finally, a Hoyer stencil. “F. Schmidt” Geyer wrap. this horn was made in the same VMI factory that produces the Hoyer horns.The wrap and valve cluster are the same as the current Hoyer Geyer wrap.  The horn can stand either in Bb or F. It has an adjustable pinky hook.

in a Conn case. $1850. This horn can be screw belled for an additional $275.00 + cost of the ringset. The process will damage the lacquer around solder points.

Several of the August horns are still available. The Price on the F E Olds Geyer wrap is somewhat flexible.

Additional pics available for all these horns. Buyer to pay shipping and insurance. Ask questions if you would like to pursue any of these horns.  They are all worthy of “through undergraduate” level of play, some are pro horns.  If asking questions be as specific as possible so that I can help you.



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