Some new “Used” horns, a December mix. More will added soon…

By: frugalhorn

Nov 30 2017

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This set of horns is a mix of established known horns. They are intended to serve a student into university, or a re-emergent adult with a horn that plays well.  They “have not” a drum & bugle corps look. They have all been gone through and every things works. Most have small dents, scratches and missing lacquer. I’ve tried to hold the prices at a reasonable level.


Yamaha YHR 561  SOLD

This model horn still has a strong following.  This one is the later model. the earlier one had a different thumb linkage, which some folks found somewhat uncomfortable. As you can see this has a two part thumb linkage.

Plays very well, comes in an earlier model Yamaha case.  $800.00 + shipping/insurance. It can be converted to a detachable  for an additional $275.00 + cost or ringset. About 100.00 An Amado waterkey can be added for an additional $25.00.  Other madness considered, let me know what you’re thinking….

Rose Brass/ “Goldmessing” Hoyer Compensating double with stop/transposing valve. SOLD

A professional level horn with factory Detachable bell. The compensating horn has a strong following in the EU and UK. In the States, the concept was weakened by the importation of another variant on the design, sold to school systems by Getzen. Some were made in Italy and some were made in Germany, and unfortunately many of them were less than well received. This horn can “stand” in either F or Bb. It plays wonderfully and is in tune across the Bb/ F horns and has silky smooth slurs. A serious horn for a serious player, young or old….$1800.00 in a modern flat screwbell case. If you want the factory case you can have it but it needs some attention to the carry handle.Finally, for now, a King Fidelio: SOLDMcCracken /Chuck Ward design. a free blowing Kruspe variant.  This is the little brother of the King Eroica, the huge throated NiSi horn. Of the two I prefer this medium throated version. Very Good compression, some blemishes and minor denting. This King comes in a newer Case. It can be screwbelled for an additional $275.00 + cost of the Conn/Selmer ringset (Alex Compatible) @ $96.00. $800.00 + shipping and insurance.

Ask questions, more pics available for all these horns.


One comment on “Some new “Used” horns, a December mix. More will added soon…”

  1. I was interested in your King Fidelio horn. I got your name from John Gough in Nashville Tn. Thank you Martina Bowersock


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