A couple of Elkhart Conns,

By: frugalhorn

Mar 04 2018

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Starting out with a Michigan Badge which is actually a patch on this  Elkhart Conn 8D serial # 901414.

Detachable flare, unknown ring set, Very large similar to the Paxman large ringset, but I don’t have one to check if compatible. It engulfs an Alex ring.


It sets lower on the bell tail the corpus will not fit in some detach cases, It does fit in an Paxman flat case, the MB family of cases but not in a Yamaha flat case. Valve compression, usable, but has the usual minor leakage encountered in older Conns. On such horns I generally use a slightly heavier oil. It is pretty secure at the high end, insecurity is the sign of excessive valve clearance.  It also sports the Mechanical linkage on the thumb valve.

The horn is a marriage of two Elkhart 8d’s the bell flair off one and the corpus and bell tail off another. The bell eliminated was crushed and torn in several places.


As mentioned above, the Bell flare sports a copper Michigan Badge/ patch and the flare has two high temp silver solder pin hole patches, see pics. the Nickle hand guard has a small dent.
Wire brushed satin finish…clean it with a green scrubbie… No lacquer with the exception of some residue inside the bell flare.
The Horn will be shipped either with an adjustable Holton pinky hook or a Conn “Flipper”, (your choice) in a fixed bell case.
A good horn for someone who needs a detach bell horn, and you get the Elkhart quality and NiSi sought by many at an affordable price $1650.00 + ship.  SOLD

Next: an Elkhart Conn 6D, serial #C76540.

Very good valve compression, not plated.
92.65421% lacquer removed, (+ or -) finish will oxidize over time.
All slides work as intended. no loose solder joints.
signs of work previously done.
signs of bell winkles have been rolled out.
A perfect “up north horn” for those who need a travel horn that has already been abused.
Plays well, full range Pedal E to high C. Someone who plays well can probably extend both ways. I find High C better @ 1& 3, Seems high on open, but being deaf in one ear and also listening to severe tinnitus all the time, everything sounds different.
The horn would make an excellent first double for a student or a good choice for a re-emergent adult who doesn’t want to break the bank. Comes in an older fixed bell Conn Case, Elkhart era. $800.00 +ship.  SOLD


4 comments on “A couple of Elkhart Conns,”

  1. this is the rebha from ebay contacting you about the michigan elkhart. Im not sure if you want me to contact you on here or ebay but I thought I would just try both.


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