An early Hans Hoyer with a seamed bell.

By: frugalhorn

Mar 22 2018

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I found the tuning slides neatly wrapped in plain brown paper, they had been on a shelf for several years, ever since I put them there after picking them and their horn and some other stuff that I had the Anderson’s in Elkhart strip of silver plating.  So, Where’s the horn? It’s the perfect time to do inventory. The first place I looked, and inventoried, didn’t have it…The second place I looked, and inventoried, didn’t have it…But the third place did. In this nifty old Reynolds bottom up side down case. It was apart, no valves in place, They were in a little plastic slotted box,  no slides in place (they were in the neatly wrapped brown paper). Of course, I didn’t take any pictures, not thinking of doing a blog entry.

Needless to say the horn was highly oxidized and required a ragging to remove the oxide. I didn’t polish out the scratches that remained after the stripping or the tiny amounts of silver plating that remained. You can see the action of Anderson’s stripping process as it has changed the minor lead solder residue to a pinkish color, much of which was removed during the ragging. This vintage, probably East German, possibly pre-war, had valve tuning slides that were somewhat over sized, and each slide has the valve cluster mfg. Number stamped on it. Number 3 in this case. The horn’s serial # is 64644M, One of the lower Hoyer serial numbers I’ve had, The lead pipe doesn’t have the GDR notation, but that might have been removed prior to being silver plated. It may have been done post production.So the horn as refurbished is prone to oxidizing, and butt ugly to a drum & bugle corps member. But, to me, that’s the way this horn should look. It’s over a half century old, and not a closet find.Oh, I forgot to mention that the bell had a patch from it’s earlier life, done from the inside of the seamed, hand hammered bell.So I covered the outer scaring and solder, on the outside, with a little Michigan Brass badge.Neat old horn with very good compression, that plays really well with a very good, large bottom end and the lovely Knopf/Hoyer/Geyer slurs and top end. A sweetie…

$1800 + ship.

I’d love more info if you can help me out, thanks.


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