Closet find F. E. Olds Model O45.. one owner

By: frugalhorn

May 03 2018

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Recently I received a telephone call from a retired vocal music professor. She had decided to part with her High School horn that has been a part of her life since the 60’s when she played it in High School.It is housed in its factory Olds case. It includes: two bottles of valve oil, a container of Paxman slide grease, a removed leather hand guard, a coiled wire scrubby brush, new unused valve string, and a brass non transposing mute. There are two mouthpieces, a Holton MDC and the factory Olds #3, both with heavy silver oxide where they protruded from the case. (This is removable with any good silver polish. )    So… Just the facts…A model O45 F E Olds double horn, (made in Fullerton CA) The one many folks call a 6d clone. Based upon serial number the horn was made in mid- 60’s. It is in excellent condition, well care for, never any damage aside from slight scratching of the lacquer.  The compression is excellent, all slides work as intended. The owners desire is to find a good home for her old horn. It’s an excellent choice for a younger players first double for for a re-emergent adult. This horn will serve a student well into college, or through the re-discovery process of an adult returning to the horn. It is located in SE Michigan.    You can pay via square, Pay Pal (a 3% fee will be charged) or with a check. Shipping will be in a box 18 ” X 18 ” X 27″ weighting about 20#’s. Buyer to pay shipping via USPS priority cost determined by a zip code to zip code “USPS shipping calculator”. + insurance.

$1400.00 OBO…

Ask questions, thanks.


One comment on “Closet find F. E. Olds Model O45.. one owner”

  1. Playing comfort of certain Olds copies of Conn 6D (like the 1 shown, for example) can be improved greatly by extending the length of the thumb-operated 4th valve. Soldering on an old USA “Standing Liberty” quarter does the job fine. (Not all the Olds copies of Conn 6D need that modification, but those that do really benefit from that small modification.)


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