Updated weight comparison chart

By: frugalhorn

May 08 2018

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Pasted below is the Make / weight chart that I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog. Over the years I’ve heard players talk up the idea that some horns are ‘so heavy’ or ‘light’. Sometimes this is merely a way of saying that they don’t like a specific type of horn, or a horn’s ‘wrap’. You’ll note some differences in weights of the same model horn. My feeling is that some horns have become  heavier because the maker is marketing them to the school market and want to offer a sturdier horn. Some horns where once built-in town A and when the company moved to town B or C the horns changed. At times this happened because the ownership changed, others because the level of workmanship changed. The materials seem to make a slight difference, NiSi horns are somewhat heavier than brass horns, but factory produced horns are pretty consistent. I’m sorry that I didn’t have some ‘custom’ American horns weights to include, but I own none. I wonder what the Lawson, Berg, Hill, etc. horns would weigh? If you have one and want to chime in, you’re welcome. Of the 33 horns most are doubles with a few singles F & Bb to compare. There are no triples…

so for what it’s worth:

Make Weight   #, Oz., .1/10 oz RS/ adj Pinky Hook/ Flipper
Conn 8DY  NISI/Brass 5#  11.00 RS
Holton H190 brass 5#  10.75 RS
FSchmidt Markneukirchen geyer Brass 5#  11.00 Pinky Hook
Ambronze Lawson “Classical” 6# 7.00  Detachable flare,  hand crook
 Pacific 11D KO  brass 5#  8.25
#1 Reynolds FEO3 215XXX brass 5# 13.25
#2  Reynolds FEO3  70XXX brass 5#  9.50
 Holton 180 w/ X Lg flare 5# 13.25 RS
MIrafone Kruspe Brass 5# 13.25 RS
Hoyer 802 Geyer Brass 5#  9.50 Pinky hook
Holton 77 NiSi 5# 12.00
Conn 28D 425,000 series 5#  6.25
Reynolds Pottag Ceveland 5#  8.25
Fidelio Brass 5#  3.50
Reynolds Chambers Cleve 5#  8.25
Ricco Kühn 293 5# 10.50 RS /Flipper /Pinky hook
Mönnig  Kruspe 5# 3.00
#1 Knopf geyer wrap 4# 15.00
#2 Knopf geyer wrap 5#  4.50
Yamaha 567 5#  9.00
Yamaha 321 4 V Bb 4# 7.00
Reynolds Cleveland F 4# 4.50
Yamaha 313 F 4# 6.50
Elkhart  Selmer Kruspe 6# 1.00
Reynolds Pottag 67XXX 5# 10.
Holton F single pre 605 4# 4.00
Mirafone Krantz F 4# 13.25
Miraphone Krantz kruspe 6# 0.50
Tubbs 5V Bb Yamaha 5# 5.00 Flipper/s RS
Getzen compensator 5# 5.25
Olds NiSi Geyer 5# 7.75
Conn 8D N series 5# 3.00
Conn 6D 377XXX 5# 1.00
 Olds ‘6D’ wrap w/ Marsten Valves  5# 15.00
 Olds ‘6D’ warp late production  5# 8.75 Adj. Pinky hook

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