Yamaha 567D

By: frugalhorn

May 21 2018

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A YHR 567 D horn with a four serial number, 001XX, The 567’s are a medium bore “Geyer” wrap horn in Yellow Brass.  Factory Detachable flare, high percentage original lacquer.  I would say the horn is in “High” very good condition.

  Horn plays exceptionally well, easy high register and a solid lower end. Factory detach case, a true 567D, not a 567 that has been cut, so it has the Yamaha ring set. Which sets a little higher than many ring sets and is lighter in weight.

There are numerous scratches to the lacquer and some tiny dents. Signs of minor dent raising. Nothing major has ever happened to this horn. Recent cleaning and Valve ultrasonic cleaning, new bumpers, string linkage, etc.

Additional pics available,
Shipped in large box 18 X 18 X 27 @ 21#s. Cannot be shipped to Countries w/ a 2m girth + one length postal restriction. Ask ?’s.

I’ll supply a mouthpiece is needed.  $ SOLD


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