A couple late May horns, King McCracken design Fidelio/ Meister Hans Hoyer

By: frugalhorn

May 24 2018

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A vintage Hans Hoyer built compensating double horn. Engraving on bell “Meister Hans Hoyer” No Serial # or GDR inscription. Possibly Pre-war.

This horn has a medium bore bell tail and has a Hand hammered seamed bell. It’s un-lacquered and has begun to develop a nice patina. Easily polished using any commercial brass/ copper polish.

Mechanical linkage. 

It shows signs of minor dent, solder work, and has a few very minor remaining dings. The horn weighs 5# 3 ozs, It has Nickle inner and outer tuning slides. Spatulas are set a little lower than, a Conn 8d, for instance, and would be comfortable for a young or smaller hand.  

This horn’s intonation is good and even across the Bb to F horn. Currently stands in F although it can be set either way. The low range is very good for a compensator, has a nice bright sound and is very free blowing, no stuffiness as is characteristic of some compensators.

It has been used for chamber music, a horn choir, and in orchestral situations.
It is ready to be played right away. The valves are fast, smooth, and the compression is very good. It comes in a molded hard case.  $1475.00

A King Fidelio 2269. Designed by McCracken.  Valves services, ultrasonic cleaning, re corked, strung and bearings at proper adjustment.

Lacquer at about 90%, scratched and darkened a couple of places where hear has been applied. Leadpipe installation…

The stoppers are the Later nylon/plastic parts. I prefer cork to the black rubber factory, which tends to harden.The back bow shows signs of previous dent raising.

This horn has been my loaner for several years, The original lead pipe had several small patches from its previous life, I recently acquired a used , delacquered ultrasonically cleaned factory leadpipe, with an Amado water key, which I installed.

This is a really nice example of the fidelio/2269 in good shape and it plays well.  A good horn for a serious student or re-ermergent  adult. $875.00 Both come with a functional case, They can be made detachable for $275.00 + cost of a ringset. (Conn Selmer Alex compatible about $98.00. as an example) In both cases the heat of the removal of the bell and subsequent work will burn the lacquer to some degree. Other stuff, adj pinky hook, flipper , amado keys, etc, can also be done.

Buyer pays shipping based on your zip code, to be calculated by the USPS calculator for an 18 X 18 X 27 “ box at 21 pounds, insurance is included in shipping quote. Square, Pay Pal, MO, or check OK. Neither horn can be shipped to countries that have the 2 meter girth + one length mail restrictions, ask, we’ll find out about your country. They can be shipped express priority, but VERY expensive… Like, over US$700.00 to Bolivia, for instance.


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