The Elkhart Conn 28D “SOLD”

By: frugalhorn

Jul 09 2018

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I purchased this horn about 15 years ago. It has never been worked on, until recently, for that period of time. It is an Old 28D from the days of the Korean War when Nickle became scarce and Conn made horns that were darn near w/o anything nickle. The flare has a rim tear where the bell rim wire is actually broken.

You can see the break in this pics, also the weight of the flare with a flare side ring set sitting on it for the scale. One of the options is to save the flare with a silver solder repair to the inner bell ring and a patch on the outer flare. as is, it weighs about 330g.

The valves have good compression , better than most older Conns I’ve had here at the studio. They haven’t been plated and If some one wanted  super-tight compression, they should be done. Personally, for me, they are fine, all the notes I need to High C are well centered and none are wolfish…I set it up with Conn-Selmer 8D ringset which is alex compatible. The NiSi flare is off a High-Braze Elkhart 8D. It weights about 335 g.

If you want a heavier flare to honk upon I also have a Conn Eastlake yellow brass bell @ 453g.

The horn is of the vintage with the mechanical thumb lever linkage. Which seems to have a slightly longer throw than the later string linkage.

The one oddity is that the F #2 slide has nickle ferrules and pull ring, although the bow is brass and therefore not off an 8D.  The 6D horns use a narrower ferrules, it’s not off a 6D either….   The entire horn has been given a light wire brush scratch finish, no lacquer, and can be cleaned with a green scrubbie. I don’t have a huge buffing setup and sort of like the matt finish the scratch finish gives. The other advantage is that it doesn’t remove metal as heavy buffing does. I’ve had more than one “Drum Corps look” older horn (Ie: refinished) where the back bow had been buffed so heavily that you could dent it with your thumb nail.

As with all horns, near SS age, 4253XX,(1953) It shows signs of repairs and past damage, there are many very small little dings, etc., none of which would alter the way the horn sounds. The horn will be for sale, and a adjustable pinky hook or a flipper or a Clebsh Strap installed. It will possibly have multiple flares, the repaired factory Bell flare,  the NiSi flare, or the Eastlake flare, mix of match, Contact me if interested and we’ll thrash it out. I want to get a couple of “better than me” players to give it a honk and feedback. My tinnitus is severe and being nearly deaf in my left ear I hear horns differently than I used to….


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