April showers bring the geyer wraps out….

By: frugalhorn

Apr 24 2019

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

All of the horns listed below are used. They all are in good playing order. Work that needed to be done, has been done. They are offered at a price level where families or re-emergent adults can afford them w/o breaking the bank. They will do what a horn needs to do for a person to become a good horn player…. All can be customized to reasonable degree, Items like Adjustable pinky hooks,flippers, detachable flares, Amado water keys and lacquer stripping are possibilities. All prices are + shipping in a factory or other case.

Here are several “Geyer” wrap horns for your consideration:

1.YHR 567 this Yamaha horn, yellow brass, is in excellent shape, all the slides are smooth and the valves are quick.

The branches in and out of the valve cluster have not been dented, which is a common place for a slight dent on this model horn because of their high placement .

with slight signs of a bell crease removal.

Valves have been ultrasonically  cleaned /restrung, with good rubber stops.

a factory water key.

An excellent choice for a re-emergent adult or a student looking for a name brand geyer style double. Modifications can be done, detachable flare, etc. Ask questions. $1050.00

#2 A Paxman Academy Geyer wrap by Briz. Yellow Brass. A used horn w/ factory fabric covered hard case with signs of use.

This horn doesn’t have the adjustable pinky hook that the current Paxman Academy horn has. I don’t know the date of manufacture, but could probably get an estimate from Paxman.

Engraved “look” to the calve covers.

In this pic you can also see the leadpipe has been, in it earlier life,  re-soldered to the brace.

The valves have been ultrasonically cleaned/restrung with good stops.

Factory water key.

signs of dent raising in the back bow.

Signs of previous solder work. $1250.00 Ask about custom work that can be done.

#3 Is a yellow brass F. Schmidt Stencil horn from the VMI/Hoyer factory in Markneukirchen. It has an adjustable pinky hook.

The valve cluster is the same cluster as used on the Hoyer Geyer wrap horns with the oil port for oiling of the top bearing and valve casing.

It has no factory water key.

It has string linkage on the three primary valves and mechanical linkage on the change valve. The horn can “stand” in either F or Bb.

signs of previous dent work in the back bow.

Nickel inner and outer slides, Two minor dents in the branch & bell tail near the ferrule.


#4 is another Yellow Brass horn. It is a Knockoff of the Conn 11D made in China,

The valves have excellent compression.

string linkage on the primary valves, and a somewhat noisy mechanical change linkage.

As a teaching prof says, not all that bad of a horn, and she has several horn playing Music ed undergrads using this horn to help with their school finances. $875.00


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