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Dec 04 2019

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here is a set of horns to consider if you are a re-emergent adult looking for an ax,  a parent looking for a horn for your aspiring student, or anyone else who just likes to look at different model horns. They are all used, they are all “up-and running” ready to be played. All can be played through HS and into College, Some are true “Pro” level, some are models that in the world are used at a professional level. They have not been stripped and buffed, to within an inch of their lives, to make them look new, then lacquered.. Most are not expensive, I try and keep the prices reasonable. If you want to spend two/ three times what I’m asking, there are lots of folks out there who will help you spend money…If you want new, go get new…A couple are pretty flashy looking, some are  cosmetically challenged. They have all had work done to them in their prior lives. They all come with a case, that is use-able, some come the case the horn came in and others in a case that fits them. Additions can be made, flipper, adjustable pinky hooks, etc,  at cost + a modest cost for labour….Screwbell, ask…Shipping is your puppy, I recommend priority mail because the horn will only be in the system for 2 or 3 days, not 7 to 9 days. I ship world-wide.The shipping box is big, 18 X 18 X 27″ and is larger that can be shipped to countries with a 2M girth + one length limit.  If you’re not happy with the horn, we’ll work something out. If you’re an extreme $ hardship, talk to me. If you want more pix of a specific horn, let me know and I get them to you. I’m at  <> …I have mouthpieces and can set you up to play on. If you’re looking for a horn not shown, ask. Some have write ups and some are brief notes. The main thing to keep in mind is to “ask” if you have questions….


Ricco Kühn 293, SOLD, my personal horn, expensive, in a MB #1 Osmun case, ask.


One of the first  Reynolds “Chambers Model”, My personal first horn c. 1958, (SOLD) via Dr. Douglas Campbell@ Michigan State (I was a 14 year old kid) also pricey… in a “deer camp case” by Eastman.

Yamaha 561 with oxide,  $650.00valves serviced, plays well cosmetically challenged. early Yamaha brown case with school numbers, etc.

Olds Geyer wrap: Marsten valves currently on the IHS site F.E. Olds Geyer wrap, Combo NiSi & Brass. Marsten Valves. $1250.00          In the 1950s F. E. Olds was in Fullerton, California.

Olds was being run at this time by Mr. Reynolds who had closed down his Ohio factory and had taken up the task of helping Olds to gain market share over Conn. Reynolds may have decided to use the Geyer wrap on this “high end” horn. This will probably never be known for sure, but it makes for discussions… horn is in good shape, never a serious accident, One re-soldered brace, scratched finish worn through is a few high wear spots, Spatulas are a combo of Ni & Brass. Email for additional pix, A nice horn for a serious player who is looking for a Geyer wrap. Email for additional pix, A nice horn for a serious player who wants a Geyer wrap and the NiSi sound. Not sure of the date, but has the earlier bell and LP braces. A rare horn in the Brass/NiSi combo

Hoyer/VMI / Accent  (WW/BW) stencil horn also on the IHS site. $1450.00

Geyer wrap “Accent” horn, a Woodwind, Brasswind /Hoyer stencil Double French Horn w/factory detachable flare. $ 1400.00 A horn for a serious young and, or university student. Nickle plated brass. String linkage, with mechanical linkage on the change valve. Adjustable pinky hook. The valve cluster with Oil Ports and the bracing and bends are all the same as the Hoyer 800 series Geyer wrap horns. Bore: 11,9 mm (0.468 “), bell diameter: 310 mm (12.205”) bell,  This horn was manufactured in Markneukirchen Germany, the same factory where the famous Hoyer horns are built. Brand Name “Accent”, a stencil name ordered from the VMI/ B&S/ Meinl conglomerate and sold by Woodwind/Brasswind in South Bend, IN, not to be confused with the current WW/BW ‘Accent’ horn which, today, is built in China. Comes in a fixed bell case. I have some detach cases, ask. In very good condition, Some signs of dent raising in the bell/hand-grip area. the belltail was removed and reinstalled in the repair process.

Besson Lidl double $700.00

Built in CZ.

Mechanical linkage.

a couple of solder points from it’s earlier life.


a factory water key.

Missing the factory adjustable pinky hook, I can work something out.

case has one repalced latch, a tight fit,  With shoulder strap.

King Eroica  $975.00 (SOLD)  can be made to stand in Bb for additional 150.00 with signs of dent raising in the back bow.

A King Eroica 2270. Designed by McCracken. Valves serviced, ultrasonic cleaned, black rubber factory bumpers. Lacquer at about 85%, scratched and a couple of places where heat has been applied. Lacquer partly exposing the pinky hook and top hand guard.
A good example of the Eroica in good shape and it plays well. A good horn for a serious student or re-ermergent adult. A very large throated horn, not recommended for an player with a smallish hand, it will stop too high up the throat.    A conn case with 1 replaced latch. 

Yamaha YHR 567 in a tuxedo softgig bag. $1100.00  soidd fixed bell case also avail. A YHR 567 Yamaha horn, yellow brass, is in excellent shape, all the slides are smooth and the valves are quick. The branches in and out of the valve cluster have not been badly dented, which is a common place for a slight dent on this model horn because of their high placement, some signs of a bell crease removal. Valves have been ultrasonically  cleaned /restrung, with good rubber stops. It has a factory water key.

These are a nice horn, professionally played by many in the UK.

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