Post palindrome group of horns, again, too many pics….

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Feb 05 2020

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Well, as usual, I’m running behind. I was going to post a set of horns on 02022020 but I was in Chicago and it didn’t get done….My thought is that many of these horns will serve a family of modest resources to get a good horn to a student without breaking the bank. They would also be a good horns for a re-emergent adult player to explore allowing them the fun of playing horn again without, likewise, breaking the bank. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to spend a larger amount, there are several other vendors who can assist you. They have quality new horns either or horns refurbished to look new. All of the following horns are up and running with everything working. If you would like something “tweaked” or modified, ask and we can probably work something out.

#1 SOLD      Starting out with a YHR 567 Yamaha, with its factory case

The case is in good shape with two mouthpiece receivers and room for oil, etc.

The horn has has some minor creases removed form the bell tail near the bell brace.

The leadpipe shows one small dent, just beyond the water key, it will be removed prior to shippingOverall really good shape, never trashed or badly dented…

re-strung, good stop bumpers

The serial, I’ll probably list this horn on the IHS site.

$1350 + ship.  SOLD

#2.  A Reynolds Pottag Model #57635.

Lacquer about 80%, Horns look better in pictures, possibly because you’re seeing more than you look at when holding the horn and you eyes go to the “visual” flaws.
Leadpipe has one repair just behind the receiver shield, Several braces have been re-soldered.

Serial number from late 1959. Cleveland built.

Back bow shows signs of dent raising in its earlier life. Cool old Pottag model. plays well. $1250.00 + ship

#3 is an East German Hans Hoyer compensator Horn. My sense that it is east German is due to the minimal engraving stating the maker’s name.

comes in a Yamaha case. At the top of this pic you can see the Hans Hoyer in block printed letters, no engraving

The horn has repaired damage near the bell brace. If it were screw belled the ring set would cover and reinforce the old damage.

The horn plays very well, however, it is a cosmetically challenged.

wear at the hand guard, It has no lacquer and will oxidize if left unattended.

The horn can “stand” in either F or Bb.The bell rim has some solder showing.

$800.00 + Ship

#4 is a Holton 180, This is the brass version of the H 179.The case is well worn and has some areas  (End of bell ) where the fabric is missing. A retired School horn.

A good candidate for a complete strip. It has about 45% of the lacquer remaining.  Blotchy look.

some minor dents, see #3 F slide.

Plays with an big open sound, like the 179, but w/o the NiSi bright color. A good sounding Brass horn with very good Valve compression.

Good string linkage, and bumpers. Not clanky like so many Holtons.  A good horn.$1150.00 + Ship — Pending

#5. a Holton 177 NiSi. This horn has been my loaner for quite a while, Recently the brass horn has a stronger following than the NiSi horns so I going to use a Brass horn as a loaner.Comes in a sturdy double case with newer latches.

Much like the 180 in it appearance, well worn finish, a few minor bumps, signs of dent raising in it’s life.

There are several places where signs of re-soldering show.

Very good compression, smooth slides, etc. Ready to play. cosmetically challenged.

It has a 279 lead pipe.

signs of dent raising at the hand guard.

Serial #551885

$1150.00 + ship

If you would like additional pics of any of these horns, let me know what you would like to see, give me an email address and I’ll get them to you. If you have questions, ask them.

Because of the size of a box for shipment , approx 18″ X 18″ X 27″ @ 21#’s the shipping is not cheap. If you send me your zip code, I can get the Price to you. The cost of shipping & insurance is the buyer’s responsibility.


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