A couple of screwbell doubles horns for sale..

By: frugalhorn

Dec 02 2022

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Geyer wrap “Accent” horn, a Woodwind, Brasswind /Hoyer stencil Double French Horn with detachable flare. Alexander compatible. $ 1500.00 A horn for a serious young and, or university student. Raw un lacquered brass. String linkage, with mechanical linkage on the change valve, which can stand in Bb of F. Adjustable pinky hook. The valve cluster with Oil Ports and the bracing and bends are all the same as the Hoyer 800 series Geyer wrap horns. Bore: 11,9 mm (0.468 “), bell diameter: 310 mm (12.205”) bell,  This horn was manufactured in Markneukirchen Germany, the same factory where the famous Hoyer horns are built. Brand Name “Accent”, a stencil name ordered from the VMI/ B&S/ Meinl conglomerate and sold by Woodwind/Brasswind in South Bend, IN, not to be confused with the current WW/BW ‘Accent’ horn which, today, is built in China. Comes in a fixed bell case. I have some detach cases, ask. In very good condition, Some signs of dent raising in the bell/hand-grip area. the belltail was removed and reinstalled in the screwbell process.
Needless to say the horn is somewhat oxidized. There are some scratches that remain after the de lacquering. The lead pipe doesn’t have the GDR notation, just the serial number, so built after unification. the horn as refurbished would be considered “butt ugly” to a drum & bugle corps member. But, to me, that’s the way this horn should look. Neat horn with very good compression, that plays really well with a very good, large bottom end and the lovely Knopf/Hoyer/Geyer slurs and top end. A sweetie…
Free shipping in the contential US. World wide ( at cost) OK, but can’t be shipped, in the fixed bell case to countries with a 2 meter girth + one length limit.

Yamaha YHR567

$1650, Alex compatable ring-set, detachable flare, Adjustable pinky hook. Wire-brushed finish, no lacquer. Plays well, in tune, across Bb & F sides, can stand in either Bb or F. Nice sound and player can push the robust bell flare for huge sound. Valves and slides gone through, corpus cleaned, disinfected. Shipped in a Fixed bell Yamaha case.

UPS shipping free to lower 48, Otherwise at buyers expense. Will ship world wide, but to countries with the 2m girth + one length it can’t be shipped in the Fixed bell Yamaha case and arrangements will have to be made. Ask questions.
Extras: adjustable pinky hook, detachable flare additional pic at request, be specific about what you would to see, I’ll need an email address.

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