Summer’s here, refurbish a cool old horn. Think of what you’ll learn!! Ebay starting @$0.99.

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Apr 08 2019

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


Sorting through a shed the other day, looking for sacrificial horns for a horn tossing contest at a nearby university, I came across this beauty. It’s a FEO3 made with Cleveland parts. The 70,000 range instruments were made by Olds using the last of the Cleveland parts, from their purchasing of the Reynolds company.

The FEO3 is a Chambers model after the break up of the Reynolds Co. It has some boinks and doinks, needs a serious bath in a 50 %vinegar 50% water  bath to remove the oxide.

A green kitchen scrubbie is also handy. You’ll have to fabricate three tuning crooks, using the crook parts supplied to supply the bends.


one of the slides you’ll make. Use the small bend on the #3 F crook

If you go to a Hobby store you can buy a little metal cutting back saw the will cut these crooks into the three bends you’ll need. The Ferrels can either be acquired off a trashed horn, or you can make them. Likewise for the inner slides. Metric tubing will not work, so don’t try to use it for the inner slides. Any inner slides from a king/conn/olds will be OK. Holton tubing is also a no/no because holton tubing is smaller in diameter.

Main tuning slide use the #1 F crook bend. the larger bend of the #3 crook will be used for the lower tuning crook. if you need to tweak the bend slightly,¬† there are methods discussed on the web. The neat thing about the FEO3’s is that the bell brace is high enough that if you screwbell your project you’ll not have to cut the brace, just remove it and re-solder it when you’re done with the detaching process….(but that’s another story)

The lead pipe has a patch, but it may be OK, just butt ugly. The bell flare ha no tears, just some minor bends.

The #1 F tuning crook will work after the bath, the inner part of the outer slide casing are probably filthy…

comes with a functional, heavy case.

More pics of the cooks you’ll fabricate.

Once done, you’ll have a wonderful vintage horn that are known for their valve clusters and overall design.

Any you’ll have learned things that fooling with your phone will not provide….If you dig through my blog you’ll probably find most information to do this work….If not, research, or experiment.

The horn will be on a Ebay auction starting @ $.99 cents. You’ll have to pay shipping. Ask questions….

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