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Aug 28 2017

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/160 sec

FE Olds Geyer wrap w/ Marsten valves.  Corpus mainly Brass with NiSi branch and bell tail.  A Web Quote: Reynolds… decided to use the Geyer wrap on this “high end” horn, although I am not sure. The man ( Marsten) who made the valves for Carl Geyer in Chicago was in LA and sold valves to the Olds company as well. He may have offered the valves to Olds and that may be how this Olds horn got the valves of a Geyer…

they really were from the same shop! I think that Mr. Reynolds was trying to build a better horn than Conn, and this geyer/knopf wrap allowed him to build a big horn with a freer blowing feel.

It is a fine horn made to compete with the big Nickel horns of the day, yet using the Geyer wrap.

The signature Marsten top bearing plate.



A. Bopp, Munich,  compensating Double horn, Seldom see horn by this maker, very light weight 4# 10 oz.Compensating tuning slides on top of Bb slides

Open grip, not suitable for a smaller hand.

Beautiful hand files linkage Change valve linkage is jointed.

Note the openness of the grip



A super nice 3/4 size Besson Compensating double horn. Excellent condition,
 An excellent horn for a younger small stature student, or an adult seeking a small horn or where weight is a factor. I believe this horn was built by Lidl in CZ.  Engraved valve covers, adjustable pinky hook, mechanical linkage w/ silicon bumpers. Can stand in either F or Bb, currently in F. Plays very well, nice little horn. additional pics available.

$1050.00 SOLD

Factory Yamaha 667D.

Professional owned, played. Near new condition in a Factory Flat case

Can stand in either F or Bb.

Factory Detachable flare.

Looks even better w/ flash pics….

Ask questions.

$3000.00 On trial.


Additional pics available for all these horns. Buyer to pay shipping and insurance. Ask questions if you would like to pursue any of these horns.  They are all worthy of “through undergraduate” level of play, some are pro horns.  If asking questions be as specific as possible so that I can help you.


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